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Publish – Dress to Impress!

Publish has published a vibrant and outgoing summer collection! They have gone above and beyond with their designs and appropriately named the collection, “Open mind.”

It is to be interpreted to enter this summer open-minded with new experiences and opportunities coming your way. As summer awaits, Publish encourages the mind to be optimistic and radiate good vibes only. This collection is a direct reflection of infamous California summers circa 1980.


A new trend in the fashion industry for men is the two piece matching top and bottom. Publish has designed many of the shirts and shorts / pants to be the same color to be able to mix and match. Some new fabric embellishments involved in the making are tie dyes, acid washes, and ombre. They have chosen a different route to include more vibrant colors and lighter weight fabrics for the summer lifestyle.

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From tank tops to button-ups and shorts to joggers, there is a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from. This collection will have you looking hotter than the California sun!