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REBEL8 the great

REBEL8 does it again! They just released their Summer 2015 collection for men and women. Get your favorite look for summer and have everyone talking.

One of their new collections, named “Speedway,” is inspired by American muscle and drag racing. The photoshoot was at Formula Drift, the premier United States drifting series, to really incorporate the racing into it. This collection is geared towards the automobile enthusiast and contains many motorsport graphics.



REBEL8 is always designing with creativity in mind. They came up with an innovative idea to use Mike Giant‘s fingerprint as a repetitive pattern, but also as part of the logo. Can you guess what the collection is called? “Thumbs Up”


First look at a glance and this pattern almost gives a snakeskin feel to it!


If you want a closer look and want to up your closet, go check out the rest of this awesome SU15 collection by REBEL8!