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Celebrate Jogger Pants™ Day with PUBLISH

Jogger Pants™ Day is just around the corner, and we can barely hold in our excitement! Save the date on your calendars for June 16, and spread the word to your friends and family. This will be a huge day for Publish Brand to celebrate the Jogger Pants movement in today’s fashion. This event has been created for the Publishers, Publish fans and everyone who has made this epic trend such a success.Untitled-3

The Jogger Pant™ has a long history of how it got to where it is today. Publish Brand was founded by owner and creative director Michael Huynh, who was determined to create something phenomenal and unrivaled. See our recent interviews with Publish team here and here.  It all started with a pair of knit Marc Jacob sweatpants that were the perfect fit, so his friend suggested to Michael that he create a similar, yet unique silhouette. Huynh made it his own and sent it overseas to be produced in a fleece material. His factory sent it back, but misinterpreted the fabric request, so it came back in a stretch twill material. At first Huynh was outraged by this mistake, but then he took a few steps back and realized this could turn into something incredible. What a pleasant surprise!

jogger pants

In the beginning, the Jogger Pant™ was not so successful, mainly because it was not understood by customers. So Publish came up with a campaign to advertise the product incorporating how they imagined the pants should be worn. They portrayed a very masculine guy holding his hot wife’s hand, while pushing a baby stroller. It was a way for customers to relate and make the connection that they could pull this trend off as well. And sales grew rapidly as this cool new fashion item hit the streets.

Publish Brand continued its marketing blitz, and fans saw Jogger Pants™ as clothing that could be worn as everyday by men. Soon, other companies began to copy the design, which is when Publish knew they needed to trademark the brand. As their popularity shot through the roof, Publish named them “Jogger Pant™,” keeping it simple and fun. Even though established brands with a steady clientele began producing copycat pants, nothing stopped Publish from pursuing their dreams.


Publish’s goal is to grow the company and develop more fashion options for the everyday guy. Different seam/hem lines are being incorporated into the pants using the highest quality of materials. Publish Jogger Pants have been featured by Hypebeast, GQ, and other big-name companies. This brand is growing immensely, and it is amazing to see how much they have improved from 2009 to present day 2015.

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