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CLSC – Simple and Classic, stay true.

CLSC first started out with six partners who developed 20 ideas for brand names on a piece of paper. Through process of elimination, they narrowed the list down to Honor Roll and Classic Ambition. Classic Ambition was favored, but it was too long. So they dropped
the ambition and cut up Classic to become CLSC which also stands for Can’t Live Scared of Change.


CLSC comes from California, not stereotypical sunny casual California, but from the vivid, classic, diverse and iconic city of Los Angeles. CLSC is a lifestyle, an inspiration, just like special moments captured by the camera lens – classic moments in time. CLSC combines elements of sports, drugs, sex, and music into their emblematic creations, thereby energizing and opening your mind.

CLSC’s favorite motto, “Sucks to Suck,” is simple, yet impactful. When your friends gets into bad situations, it is an expression used to feel sorry for them or even tease them, depending on what happened. We live in an imperfect world, and shit happens, so we can express our feelings through clothes without saying a word – and CLSC understands that.

CLSC owner, Josh Vides, was an employee for one of the most popular brands in the streetwear world: The Hundreds. He was constantly inspired during his time there, and he became a street-culture enthusiast. So with endless ideas and a desire to do even more, he formed CLSC. Living in a house with no A/C, existing on cheap food and drink, he kept his dream alive and worked tirelessly to make it happen.


Since 2009, CLSC continues to grow stronger. Now they’re going global, showing the world their unique designs that give their fans the opportunity to express their own uniqueness while spreading the “classic” lifestyle. Josh has not only reached a career milestone, a personal milestone – he became a father. He is true to his family, just as he is true to his brand.

CLSC’s legacy lies with its fans –champions of individuality who are notbeing afraid to express their opinions about sports, sex and music. Josh is working hard to make sure “CLSC” is a vocabulary everyone will know, and his hope is that the brand inspires its fans and encourages people to demonstrate their style and individualistic approach
to life.

Article: Major Drop
Instagram: @majordropofficial