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The Hundreds- Baja Pack

The summer collection from the The Hundreds introduces one of the best selling patterns labeled, the “Baja Pack.” It is a reinterpretation of the classics and The Hundreds found a way to do this with all of their new patterns – the Era Camo and the Large Polka pattern.


“The crescent” t- shirt boasts an updated pattern that replaces the standard yarn dye stripe with a repeated print taken from a photo that Bobby Hundreds captured while driving through Arizona on a design trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. We really like the concept and creativeness used with this pattern. It is very inspiring that the print was captured by their own Bobby Hundreds.

Mg203HJUuyu-O_IilBDFCb8rGlwawGKqhwMhm9CW-Kw,S0Sh6OO3KnVFuUztw59ZeelPVCdeMmvLVGpk5BQLxWQ,dMjPPwiw0mKPXcixC1IpomJUBBPHkQc_0SidrJMiAvcPictured above: Crescent t- shirt

Classic Baja California pieces are a nod to hand-dyed, heavyweight poncho fabrics from Mexico, but The Hundreds give it a modern update using the Baja print on a lightweight cotton jersey fabric. It still looks like the thick Baja ponchos, but it is great for your summertime adventures with the new lighter fabric in vibrant colors.

38I3JXr1sI5fb8rYVH_B2aPCJzEAWfbcnwR6doICt-k,HCcIdAV6_GuXVR7-U3gAm4r4LA6ZosMgF5l6kE9j6MQ,G6HubnjoyBjLMPjH5NB0qAkGB35sFCIWWZsufH4zLVk,PIGecth_oXsLE3uZQ3QXBdUQGuOZ6u1AXowYgdSPwVIPictured above: Ranch Baja Hooded Shirt

Whether you are heading south, north or points in between, you will rock a cool summer look and laid-back style with the “Baja” pack from The Hundreds.