Lula speaks

Golden summer with Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold’s summer collection was inspired by the song, “Everybody loves the sunshine” by Roy Ayers. Acapulco Gold took cues from the warmest season and incorporated it into their products with lighter weight fabrics and some tropical prints to signify summer. We kill for AG’s motto, “Built to fit, tough as shit.” Built to fit, relating to their clothing and product is great to show that their stuff is the right fit for you, but will make you look tough as hell. It is creative, funny, and very true. Who wouldn’t want clothing that fits well and makes you look good?


Acapulco Gold’s Illuminaughty graphic is classic and a great laugh. It took a twist from the original Illuminati triangle symbol and made it a rated R version. This was very clever and innovative; they found a way to make it their own. There are tons more of hilarious graphics you will want to check out immediately!


This collection displays an array of different types of patterns, prints, textures making everyone happy. Get your favorite summer looks and check out more from Acapulco Gold, and enjoy the sunshine!