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Clear Weather Brand Shop- In- Shop in Taipei

HOPES, our fashion-forward retail store in Taiwan, has teamed up with premium footwear brand, Clear Weather, a lifestyle footwear brand independently owned and operated by brothers Josh and Brandon Brubaker, for an exciting shop-in-shop. This special happening, which takes place only in July, connects to the official launch of Clear Weather in Taiwan.

The unique set-up in HOPES for Clear Weather combines a modern and fresh look in a setting that highlights the brand’s story. From the store’s displays and graphics to its art and product presentations, HOPES’s shop-in-shop is the perfect setting for you to experience how Clear Weather shoes can ramp up your style profile!


Clear Weather’s online presence is progressively increasing and is said to be the next new thing. Celebrities, taste makers, bloggers, etc. are all big fans of this new brand. Clear Weather has been featured on BANG! and COOL magazines, and e-Zine like Juksy, Overdope, Masterhands, Keedan and Mixfit.

clear weather
11659382_422056981312299_1591092740509830188_nIf you’re lucky enough to be in Taiwan, then go check out the new shop- in shop while you can! Clear Weather Brand Taiwan Location: 4Fl., No. 77, Section 2, Wuchang St, Wanhua District, Taipei 108, Taiwan

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