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Travel with PUBLISH’s Space Camp

Continue to be creative and innovative, the father of the Jogger Pant™Publish has come out with first Space Camp collection. This is bigger than the all the aliens and intergalactic galaxies. Space Camp was created to explore the idea of traveling the vast wonders of space. This collection will have you looking ahead of time, all the time!



Space camp offers comfort, durability, mobility and forward technology. There are full zip and anorak hooded jackets with corresponding bottoms to each suit. Featured on this entire collection is a unique 3M pattern speckled throughout garments to enhance a futuristic look.

3 hoods


To increase the durability of the products, Publish has added water repellent and stain resistant to some of these Space Camp products. In addition, the seams of each piece are taped to streamline your movement while resisting any liquids. The three styles are named appropriately Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune. We are very fond of the new Space Camp collection and love how the materials, textures, and most importantly the 3M pattern, really gives off the space effect. Go get your new space suit before the space shuttle takes off!

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