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All is Fair with Fairplay

Fairplay is a Los Angeles based brand, inspired by the functionality of athletic gear, while adding a touch of character with intricate sport design. Fairplay has merged today’s sports fashion and active mobility to give you the perfect combination of style and comfort. They use an array of fabrics and special treatments to make their products unique.


Although, Fairplay is an up and coming brand, we see a bright future ahead of them with their sleek and fashionable apparel. It is reasonably priced especially for carrying such high quality products. Fairplay is for the sporty customer who enjoys stylish, yet suitable and comfortable apparel. They offer timely products with contemporary designs. Collections include jogger pant silhouettes, shorts, bucket hats, head wear, accessories, button- ups, etc.


Check out Fairplay’s look book to see what they paired the “Corey” shorts (above) with. Not to mention, it comes in six different colorways!


Sporty and stylish, what more do you need?


Even if you’re shoes are on point, make sure the apparel is fashionable too.


If you’re going for that classy nautical look, Fairplay can be the brand for you.


Check out these amazing woodsy colors perfect for your wardrobe!


Fairplay will not disappoint you with your purchase and will leave you extremely satisfied. They will have you looking like the trendy, modern man you are, so contact us to see if we are distributing to your region!