Lula speaks

Major Drop Turning Tables at The Lucky 1

Our friend in Malaysia, Major Drop, was established in June 2014 now carrying 80 brands under its roof. It is a multi- label street and lifestyle store becoming one of the most prominent street wear hubs in Malaysia. Major Drop hosted an event called, “The Lucky 1″ at the Slate at the Row celebrating their 1 year anniversary, and Lula was honored to be a part of it.

To promote Major Drop, in the building upstairs they showcased their staple brands on sale. Meanwhile, downstairs the party was pumping with people and dance moves that would blow your mind. Luckily, new and up coming DJ’s were able to play their best jams rocking out with the crowd. A few artists that showed us their beats included Moslem Priest, TactmaticNaufal & I-Sky, Arabyrd, DJ Biggie and flown in from Shanghai, frontman of creative collective Yeti In The Basement, one Tom Yeti. The Lucky 1 created a lot of hype and made us want to join in on the Major Drop party!

Upstairs section (pictured below) features the retail section with multiple brands that are sold at Major Drop. Nothing is better than shopping and partying at the same time.


Downstairs section (pictures below) proves that Malaysia knows how to party with Major Drop.


Pure joy.


FiftySix Degrees Whiskey being put to quality use.


Dancing the night away with good company and an even better host.


Show us your best dance moves!

mj5 mj1

DJ turn it up!


Event go- ers wearing Thrasher, REBEL8, and Odd Future, all brands that we carry!


The madness of a crowd.


Another hip- hop prodigy doing his thang.


Thank you based- god (Major Drop) for this awesome event. We hope to see more events, like The Lucky 1, in the future!