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LULA101 Presents: RASTACLAT x DA VILLAGE Limited Collection

To its ever growing fan base in Asia Pacific, LULA101 is excited to introduce the SPECIAL and LIMITED bracelet collection of RASTACLAT x DA VILLAGE! This unique project illustrates our collective mission on Spreading Positive Vibrations®. This time, it’s on a global scale! We invite all of you to Come and Join this vibrant force!!

Da Village, the organization behind the growth of the sport of Basketball in Taiwan, had made a special trip across the Pacific to meet the inspiration himself: Mr. Daniel Nyaggah, CEO and founder of Rastaclat.

LULA101 proudly presents this exclusive video for all the fans out there! As a fan, you need to get the first hand take on how the brand was started, and the story behind the name: Rastaclat! After all, who’s better to tell the story, then Daniel himself! Enjoy!!

 Spreading Positive Vibrations®

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