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NEW Richer Poorer Athletics Video in Fall / Winter 2015

The dreadful and steamy summer is finally gone, and FALL 2015 is finally here for us to embrace. It is perfect timing to revamp our wardrobe. For fans have no idea what’s the latest trend and style for #Autumn, LULA101 presents  Richer Poorer to keep you stand out in this colorful season and cosily warm in the breezy season.

For the season of champions, Richer Poorer has unveiled their new athletics collection for Autumn/Winter 2015. Authenticity, timeless style and great design are core essences for RP along with supporting creatives in doing what they love.

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A brand that stands out mainly for its creative designs and patterns on socks, Richer Poorer visited San Pedro with RP Athletics Club Stand-outs: Taylor Caruso, Christian Maalouf, Daniel Shimizu, and Chris Pastras to showcase their new Autumn/ Winter 2015 Athletics video for all the fans.


Check out the exclusive video and sneak peek at this newest collection!

Click here to learn more stories behind the brand and exciting athletics collection.

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