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Enter the Dark Side with the NEW Black Scale Fall/Winter Collection 2015

When the temperature gets colder, the nights get longer, the color starts to fade… You can always lead the crowd with Black Scales newest Fall/Winter  15 collection.

LULA101 embraces the lifestyle trend that has mastered the balancing creation of #art and #fashion. Black Scale explores many themes in their collection ranging from #politics, #religion, #identity and #death. This latest collection definitely stays true to its core essence.  Join the challenge along with LULA101, to question the ideals of everyday society, to decipher the world objectively and to disregard the view of the status quo. As a pact to each other, let’s never leave no stone unturned, when searching for individual’s own truth. blk95151022

Black Scale introduces an even darker street wear aesthetic this Fall/Winter ’15 season. The collection is inspired by the darkness of the night and is creatively displayed in the streets of Los Angeles. Check out now the creative Lookbook.

Here are highlights of LULA101‘s favorite look.



_MG_6824 blk95150952 blk95151163  blk95151195

For everyone who wants to lead the trend with the #darkside this season, be sure to have your latest Black Scale collection.  For more styling information, you can check-out; for more product availability throughout Asia Pacific, come and check out

We don’t know about you, but LULA101  can’t wait to #camouflage into the #wintery nights!