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Premium Lifestyle Experience On The Top: The MELIN Brand

For hardest working individual and accomplished professional across Asia Pacific with keen demand for the finest lifestyle and premium quality as necessity, LULA101 presents the newest category in luxury headwear, The MELIN Brand.

The MELIN Brand defines the prestigious collection in premium fashion, and it is tailored specifically for social elites seeking for high-end apparels. The collection aims to present the highest standard on craftsmanship, materials, details and innovation.   jj10

Founded in Southern California, The MELIN Brand took premium social class by the storm. From professional skateboard sensation – Ryan Sheckler, Hollywood movie star – Josh Duhamel and NBA basketball super star –  Dwyane Wade, all have been spotted with the top grain snap-back with pristine demonstration on popular fashion and utmost class. black-red-drive

For some of us simply demand for more.

LULA101 invites you to acquire your own MELIN experience of premium lifestyle. From Imported Italian Cashmere to Full Grain Lamb Nappa Leather, “The Trilogy” is a class of its own. With tuxedo wool and custom gold finished metal, “The Bar” is the focal point of any social outings.




The MELIN Brand is reserved for hardest working individuals.

As it is not for everyone, but earned. 

For information on premium distribution availability in Asia Pacific, please contact LULA101.