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Discover The Golden Lining – The Golden Denim Brand


From the great Wikipedia we learn “…silver lining is a metaphor for optimism…”

At LULA101, we celebrate the “Golden Lining” as the classic standard for everyday lifestyle with utmost optimism to counter everyday tasks.

Since 2009, The Golden Denim Brand has been creating the best hand crafted denim in Los Angeles, CA. The Golden Denim Brand honors  years of expertise and experience from the wisdom of its elders to make sure every last detail is perfect. At GD, the devotion to deliver the best collection to fans IT’S A TRADITION, NOT A BRAND.GD01

















The Golden Denim Brand offers collection inspired by the Californian sunny lifestyle, with exceptional passion for denim. GD hopes fans enjoy every pair of jeans and apparel items, as much as GD enjoyed crafting them. The #golden trend had created fabulous fashion storm from the USA to Asia Pacific, and all are welcome to join the #GoldenStyle .


As leaves turning yellow,  LULA101 also kicking off Fall season with a visit of our Golden friends. Welcomed by the mastermind behind the tradition, Abraham R., we had the opportunity to check out where the magic happens! It’s a rare treat and we hope you enjoy the sneak peeks.


The warm and fuzzy holiday season is coming up, let’s wrap up the year by Staying Golden with  The Golden Denim Brand Collection!

For more information on product availability throughout Asia Pacific regions, please contact LULA101.