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Celebrate 45 years of Sesame Street with MISHKA!


МИШКА X Sesame Street = a timeless collaboration with sweetest childhood memories been stretched to the wildest nightmare! Take a trip down the memory lane and join the celebration of Sesame Street 45th Anniversary in style!

What happen when Big Bird is infected by MISHKA Fever?

Have you seen Cookie Monster gone MISHKA mad?


On the spookiest day of the year, Halloween 2015, the launch of this collection served as the best treat for fans around the world. LULA101 was proud to present this limited МИШКА X Sesame Street capsule collection across Asia-Pacific. Joined by its regional partner in Japan, the MISHKA fever can be sighted and documented through major cities such as: Tokyo, Taipei, Bangkok and Hong Kong. Utilizing social media hashtags: “#MISHKAXSESAMESTREET” and “#I❤MISHKA” fans around the world can join the spook and creep adventure.

Where Your Weird? Wear Your Weird!


The MISHKA brand is committed to the movement of thinking outside of the box and destroying the ‘norm’! This collection is everything but normal, the spooky twist associated with childhood innocence is only something that a brand engineered to destroy can do!

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Join Lula101 and MISHKA and lets reminisce the good old days!  MISHKA x Sesame Collection available in Tokyo, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Bangkok. If you have not get your own favorite item from this collection, all you need is to wait for another 45 years!

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