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Season of HOPES: Wear it loud, Wear it proud.

Month of November is a season to reflect and appreciate. At LULA101,  it is an opportunity to celebrate the founding inspirations behind each lifestyle brands, and appreciate the prosperous partnerships began with simple dreams and big HOPES.

One of the vibrant lifestyle force had swept worldwide fans of their feet is the Rastaclat® handmade shoelace bracelet brand. The energy preaches on positive vibration and the inspiration was founded in Long Beach, CA. It is rooted by sports, art, music and street culture.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe humble story of the shoelace bracelet start when Daniel Kasidi was a skilled high school skateboarder, with overload of skateboard sneakers sponsored by vendors. He was wondering how to use all of the inventories, and then one day he’d made a bracelet for himself out of the sneaker shoelaces. The creativity soon became a popular trend among friends and on the school grounds. The homemade bracelets became so desired that he started running a small enterprise on campus.

With each bracelet he shared,  Daniel K. discovered, that people shared their personal stories of joy and inspiration with him. He saw the positive vibrations being spread around and realized that a simple creation can come from inspirations that we can all discover in our everyday lives. Little had he knew, Daniel K. started Rastaclat® before he ever had a brand name nor a company vision.

tmQMN1d0WVbxRDL8ENllY23aOVeSxb_p4_jCq6r9DSwRastaclat® is committed to Spread Positive Vibrations and encourage individual style with freedom of self expression. The logo is made up of the prestigious lion head with black and gold color features symbolize the core brand DNA: confidence, independence, leadership and encouragement to continuously innovate.

Rastaclat® represents the cloth of the righteous – an internal commitment to do good and understand the energies we put out into the world define us.


From mom & pop skate shops, streetwear and sneaker boutiques, Rastaclat® fans have embraced the movement of #CLATLIFE since 2010 across the United States. Today, the positive vibration is celebrated over 31 countries with outstanding international fan-base.

With nearly 15 years of expertise in regional trends and merchandise placement, LULA101 has held a distinctive niche in encompassing celebrated American original and designer brands, collections and accessories to the ever-expanding Asian-Pacific market places. Through LULA101‘s complete streamline solution, the Rastaclat® brand is available in Taiwan, Philippians, Hong Kong and continue to experience steady growth since 2013.

The partnership also traveled Daniel K through couple Asia-Pacific tours, with the first-hand opportunity to establish exclusive dialog with local fans and participate in regional festivities. Each trip brought Daniel K. closer to the unique culture and experience the lifestyle trends. The impact had strengthen the regional grassroots following, and expand to various of market opportunities for the Rastaclat® brand.


Started in Long Beach, Rastaclat® is now one of the feature brands been embraced at the premium HOPES fashion retail platform in Ximending (Taipei City) – the trendsetting fashion district of Taiwan. With an inviting floor plan and inventive decor, HOPES store is an established fashion stage with big spotlight and vibrant energy. It is a regional popular destination, and an exclusive venue to experience the latest American original collections.

In November, as the HOPES store is celebrating its first Anniversary with friends and partners around the world, Rastaclat® was one of the first to extend its warmest wishes and strongest support for more prosperous years to come via social media.


November is a season to reflect and appreciate,  LULA101, Regain International and HOPES Taiwan want to express the sincere appreciation to Daniel K. and the Rastaclat® family for the continuous support and genuine partnership.