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The term “Jogger Pants” has been synonymous with contemporary lifestyle since 2013, and its ripple effect in the premium fashion world continues to influence key style trends based on innovative design, top quality and timeless appeal.

Publish Brand Jogger Pants

Whether you’re relaxing on weekends or gearing up for a night out in the city, Jogger Pants let you do it in ultimate comfort and style. Not to be mistaken as the sweatpants of last decade, today’s Jogger Pants of today combine refined utility with modern fashion details.

Publish Brand Jogger Pants


The epicenter of this fashion-forward movement was founded by California’s visionary contemporary clothier - Publish Brand. Its clever inspiration was to combine the functionality and fashion of Chino pants with a comfortable cuff as closure, and it resulted in the legendary creation which shook the fashion world as one of the best and fastest-selling bottoms of all time.

With the explosive growth of sneaker culture, social media and demand for an universal cuffed pant, the legacy continues in spring 2016, as the most popular pants – Legacy Jogger Pants,have been released the 2.0 version for all to embrace. 2.0 offers the same relaxed, yet tapered fit,but with a 2×1 tonal ribbed cuff for comfort. On top of the quality stretch twill, the latest collection is coated with DWR technology for stain and water resistance. Five fresh tone colorways provide great options to combine Legacy Jogger Pants 2.0 with other pieces to wear in style, whether at work or at play.

To celebrate sneaker heads and “legacy” joggers in action, the “We Are All Publishers” movement was started. Fans across the Pacific have joined the calling and share their taste, style and fun.

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Let’s take a look at some Publishers across the Pacific stylin’ in their Joggers!




What’s your Legacy style? Share them with us with the hashtag #weareallpublishers – you may win a brand-new pair of Legacy Joggers!