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Style me Cool, Calm and Collected: Publish 2017 Spring New Product Exhibition in Taiwan

The Lula 101 crew recently had the privilege of flying to Taiwan for the Publish 2017 Spring New product exhibition. Join us now, in Lula “real time,” and check out what’s happening at this happening.

It’s July 14 in Taipei … and we are pumped up about launching this event. Today we share the juicy details of how we throw a nice big party for our Publisher at Hopes Taiwan, and have big fun! First thing’s first …  let’s deliver the invitations to the VIPs, including our awesome media and retail partners. And don’t forget the dress code: Cool, Calm and Collected!


When it comes to the Hopes venue décor, it’s always a challenge since the cool new collections in Publish’s 2017 Spring lookbook make it so hard for the Lula crew to pick which one to display … that’s why conceived of this fine-looking gallery wall with Publish’s vibrant spring collection.


Check out this event setting we created … dope, right? Our guests are jazzed to walk around and experience the latest designs and innovative materials from the Publish 2017 spring collection.


We collaborated with lots of talented people to help this event rock. People like men’s fashion model Neill for this and other Publish projects in Taiwan. Neill is not just a model, he is also the owner of Little New York Pizzeria in Taipei and, he’s a gifted artist (Some people are just waaay too talented for their own good!!).

Neill has been a Publisher for years. He believes that his wardrobe should be the least of his worries, since our lives are consumed with so many different things … he is Zoolander in the morning and pizza chef at night. Sharing this idea is one of Lula’s coolest friends, Publish Brand director Alex James. ”We wanted to create a completely interchangeable styled collection that is cohesive from start to finish. It’s safe to say that this SS17 is pure elevated simplicity”

Cool, Calm, Collected: A phrase used when someone is in a situation where they feel completely relaxed, totally composed, and are sure of themselves, or in control.”

Lula speaks: I am confident with what I am wearing!

The Hopes VIPs are welcomed with greetings and gifts. Each of them also has the opportunity to get their pics taken at the custom Publish photo backdrop with Publishers signs.


This impressive collection showcases the growth, commitment and passion that Publish has gained global recognition for.. Pushing the design envelope to a new level, Publish has created an elevated simplicity that translates to everyone. Utilizing some of the freshest fabrics, this SS 17 collection is sure to make you feel great and look even better.

Mingle time. Lula has a big sweet tooth, so everywhere we go we treat our guest something delish. We truly appreciate our regional partners for lining up the yummy pastry chef. A well-fed stomach makes for happy faces!


Let the fashion show begin … our guests have been anticipating this moment, and everyone is soooo exciting to see the magic happen!


Here comes the hero product, Zachery is a premium coated nylon on L/S anorak with no top stitch seams throughout. This is also Lula editor’s favorite ,because its lightweight fabric makes it easy to carry around when the weather gets crazy :P


With a tremendous turnout, everyone at the party had a blast and a half. The Lula crew also had fun connecting with our retail partners to learn how can we bring more fun  and fashion in different places in Taiwan. It seems like Lula is always visiting different parts of Asia, which is why we have such strong regional partnerships with fashion-forward friends who are crazy about American lifestyle just like we are :)


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Stay tuned and visit us again soon for more fun and fab stories ;)