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Have you started your Primitive life?

Thanksgiving is behind us and winter upon us. But no matter what time of year,
Primitive is always in season!

We are showcasing Primitive’s latest video, clothing and skateboards.

It’s never too late to start your skate life, so enjoy the ride.


Slovakian precision meets Spanish architecture. Marek Zaprazny is Primitive Skate International Ambassador, and he delivered this coolest video. Here we go …

Filmed by: Henner Figueiredo

For more info, check out his Instagram page @marekzaprazny.


Primitive Holiday 2016 is now available too. Everything is so stylish and slick.


ENDEAVOR ANORAK grey jacket with HUYFONGFOODS collaborated cap!


HEAVY STRIPE LONG SLEEVE matches well with your boards.


TECH BREAKER JACKET and VARSITY COACH JACKET are must for this winter. It’s simple and impressive. These are must-haves, so grab ‘em while you can.


New boards from Paul Rodriguez, Shane O’Neill, Carlos Ribeiro, Bastien Salabanzi, Devine Calloway, Nick Tucker and Brian Peacock.


The graphics are colorful and so dope. And check out the VAMPIRELLA sexy boards!

Which boards will you rock with? Ride your board and seize the day.

Get your favorite 2016 Holiday looks and find out more information with us.

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From us, to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew.