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Publish Brand Spring 2017 First Release:Men’s Collections



Huntington Beach, Calif.  “Cool, Calm, and Collected” is one of the strongest offerings from the always innovative, California men’s brand, Publish.

The notion of “California Cool” is expressed with this collection’s aesthetic, along with its adaptability to the ever-changing climate we experience today.

Utilizing functional fabrics and unique designs, part 1 of this smart & stylish collection defines ready-to-wear with modern sensibilities.


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Publish supplies today’s men with daily essentials from “Cool, Clam, and Collected.”

Highlights of this collection include the “Maverick” Jogger Pant, a hybrid track pant featuring a snap-cuff, built with a breathable cotton/poly blend.




Life’s day struggles are real, and your clothing choice should be the least of those worries.

Publish Brand is here to give you options to make your life run smoother and cooler.


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The “Landyn” cardigan is elegantly engineered with a custom waffle knit to create a truly unique and polished piece.

Publish Brand exists to stir your imagination and, in turn, be inspired by you as well.


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Constructed of durable stretch twill, the “Fynix” trench coat is lightweight and elongated, making it suitable for spring’s unpredictable weather conditions.

“We are part-time clothiers, full-time bridge builders. We aspire to refine daily life by delivering premium, timeless products and ideas that transcend the realms of art and fashion. ” – Publish Brand




Look for the entire collection release at authorized Publish accounts globally on February 7 and weekly segmented releases on

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