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REBEL8 – “No hype, no bullshit. We make our own path and follow no one.”


REBEL8 was born from the tattoo and graffiti art scene in San Francisco. Started by Joshy D in 2003 with only $500, he began selling REBEL8 T-shits out of a messenger bag.

Then in 2007 his good bud Mike Giant joined as Head Artist. A titan in the graffiti and tattoo art community, it Mike who had given Josh his first drops of ink.

Recently, REBEL8 has published its Spring 17 collection, so let’s just check it out and show you the styles that you can’t live without.


 Worldwide Domination Raglan Top

This streetwear brand really mixes tattoo and skate culture all with original designs by Mike Giant.

REBEL8’s name is a play on words when Josh had a REVELAtion. 


Toast to the Worst Zip Hoodie

We always say, “Your clothes define you.”

To that end, what kind of clothes do you love right now?

Are you a REBEL8er?


When you look at a REBEL8 design, there is rawness to it that hits home to its followers.

Their work and designs cross genre lines, just like their amazing fans.


Bottled Violence Muscle Tee

 As a rock-solid in the community brand, REBEL8 is in our blood.

With high-quality clothes for the streetwear and lifestyle of skaters,

REBEL8 is heavily influenced by music and subcultures, which also inspires Lula. 


Eight Or Die Tee

In a word, the attitude through REBEL8 is to reveal the truth.

Yes, we’re a fan of REBEL8 and you should be too!

For more information on REBEL8 Spring 17 collection, please visit

From us, to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew.