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A love of sport, a spirit of innovation and uncompromised quality. Champion’s principles have never changed since 1919.



Champion is truly authentic athletic apparel; it’s in their culture, their heritage and their DNA.

Champion’s core spirit never changed, but their quality and designs get even better all of the time.

Now that their coolest fall 17 collections have been released, let’s check them out!

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The Champion sweatshirt is the easiest way to be cool, and warm, is all seasons.

And the new Champion reverse weaves GF70 has more color variations and invokes ’90s street style!

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Fashion trends  always comes around, and history repeats itself.

So welcome back, as Champion releases their coolest overalls this fall. Comfort is King (and Queen), and Champion knows you have to look good and feel good.

These overalls are  not only stylish, but uber comfortable because of their fleece and cotton blend.

Don’t forget to check in limited edition styles, new and special run colors!

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Now, are you ready for the upcoming chilly days?

No? Well check out Champion’s latest Sherpa Hoodie. Made from a super soft Sherpa-like fabric and is finished off with a pocket on the front, this hoodie comes in a relaxed fit complete with the big “C” logo. You’ll feel comfortable, warm and … beyond stylish.

Champion makes you the style champ, so for more information on Champion Life Fall 17 collection,  visit

From us, to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew.