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RIPNDIP has released their outstanding Holiday 17 collection


Have you ever heard of RIPNDIP? Hasn’t everyone?

RIPNDIP is a clothing brand founded in Orlando, Florida in 2009 by skater Ryan O’Connor.

They later moved their home base to Los Angeles and soon catapulted into one of the coolest streetwear brands prized by tons of fans all around the world.

RIPNDIP has a very unique look, to say the least, and it often focuses on fun and crazy designs that aren’t afraid to stray from normal.

You can’t miss their eccentric Holiday 17 collection.

Let’s check it out.



Better than original, right?

RIPNDIP’s new NERMAL LISA L/S has a very familiar graphic. Yup, this is real art for RIPNDIP fans.




And here is the latest camo jacket from RIPNDIP!

This cotton jacket has a black, brown and green camo pattern detailed with subtle faces for an original look.


ripndip5 ripndip6


Next up is the Madonna white hoodie from RIPNDIP.

You can enjoy this comfy hoodie any time of the year.

The back graphic of Mother Mary as a cat holding a baby Jesus is def gonna make your look pop.


Now it’s time to enjoy RIPNDIP’s outlandish view of the world!

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