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1-5-18 Agenda-_0026_AGENDA-1

AGENDA 2018 !!!

Agenda 2018 in Long beach! Agenda has been the most diverse and creative lifestyle fashion show for five years. Here you’ll find the latest in creative direction and the coolest styles. Agenda has started with tight group of 30 brands but has now exploded to more than 1,000 brands representing at the show.

1-5-18 Agenda-_0007_RASTACLAT

Yes, as this Rastaclat booth proclaimed, Agenda always spreads positive vibes. Now, let’s check the dopest stuff at the show!

1-5-18 Agenda-_0005_VAST

We found this poppin’ color-blocked Bimmer at the VAST booth!

1-5-18 Agenda-_0020_NEFF-2
The one and only NEFF. This brand launched in 2002 in Southern California, and it all about having fun, embracing adventure and bringing good vibes to the world.

1-5-18 Agenda-_0021_NEFF

We stopped by the NEFF booth and CEO Bill said hello to CEO Bill:)

1-5-18 Agenda-_0019_NEFF-3

NEFF collaborates with artists and celebrities while expanding upon their creations. Here they collaborated with Nickelodeon, and their anthem is “Forever Fun.”

1-5-18 Agenda-_0008_RIPNDIP3

How cool is this? They designed Lord Nermal as wave. This cat-wave design looks like Japanese old painting. RipNDip keeps rippin’ the creativity with each season.

1-5-18 Agenda-_0010_Layer 7

1-5-18 Agenda-_0016_NEVER MADE-1

Can you see yourself in this? … The Wall of Never Made!

1-5-18 Agenda-_0022_FILA

Cool Kicks for Fila fellows!
At this year’s Agenda, Fila and many sports brands represented, including two more of our favs, Umbro and Kappa.
And check out this display …

1-5-18 Agenda-_0013_NIXON-1

1-5-18 Agenda-_0012_NIXON-2

You choose face and band and create your own NIXON wrist art! Super dope!

Well, there you have it … top street, skate and lifestyle brands showing their latest creations, classics and cool ideas to keep us coming back for more.

At the show, we saw coolest guys. Please check it!

From us, to you…the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew.