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Finding what V/SUAL is

V/SUAL was established by Stephen Vanasco, also known as Van Styles. Never one to wait for people to give him a chance, he took his own chances and followed his passion for photography. These days he travels the world for photography and for his brand V/SUAL.


Born in NY and grew up in LA, Van Styles fell in love with skateboarding in childhood. He influenced the ’90s skate scene, especially in skateboarding magazines like Thrasher, Slap and Big Brother and Transworld, which showed that making photographs could be a self-expressive and creative outlet.


After working as a photographer for a production company in his early 20s, putting his heart and soul into his work, Van Styles realized that he had the same passion for taking pictures as how crazy he was about skateboarding as a teenager.


After having awesome opportunities to work with a great array of skateboard and fashion companies, Van Styles conceptualized  his defining brand, V/SUAL.


V/SUAL is for not only his photography and design concepts, but it is also for photographers he recognizes to have the ability to make creative photography … and it has grown into the one of the coolest companies (as well picking up some great riders).





Find what you love doing in life and do it as much as possible. 

This core massage has been supporting V/SUAL to fire enthusiasm since its launch .

Van Styles wants to make V/SUAL not only a fashion brand but also as a source of inspiration for others to go for theirs.

Now Van Styles travels all over the world for his photography and V/SUAL brand, blogging his incredible talents as a professional photographer and filmmaker.


Rest assured, he will continue to give us huge V/SUAL stimulation.

From us, to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew