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The Hundreds X Never Made Release Special Collection

In order to bring out the most street-worthy styles, The Hundreds has release its newest collection “The Hundreds X Never Made.”


This remarkable collection includes Lola’s anorak, Pullover hoodie, L/S shirt and logo        T-shirt, also there’s an amazingly constructed jacket, available in pink and black, which not only have the branding of The Hundreds and Never Made outside, but also a striking hyena graphics inside.



Never Made is a streetwear company based in Los Angeles. Their founder, Francisco Reyes, Jr. is and extraordinary artist and graphic designer, who believes in the principle of “Things are never made, they’re earned through hard work and persistence.


This special collection remains the the same design scope that The Hundreds’ fans are familiar with. Visualizing the graphics’ concept of “Finding hope in the despair of modern civilization,” they use dark imagery to reverse the topic of gun control, Fascism and police brutality, all of which are still relevant today. So good to see that people can wear cool styles but while sharing their thoughts.


“The Hundreds X Never Made” is available now, so grab the collection while you can!




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