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Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Summer is coming, and festival season is upon us!  

In hot weather, sometimes less is more,  especially with styles to help you cope with rising temps.

The key runway fashion brands have delivered their verdict about what to wear to stay cool, and here are the  top-5 trends you can’t miss to get your summer looks ready:

1. Cross-body bags

CHAMPFANNYAlso known as the fanny pack, belly bag or belt pack, this is the functional fad from the ’80s that is usually secured via a strap around the waist. Though the thought of this accessory may conjure an image of a tourist in a tropical shirt, pleated khaki pants holding a selfie stick, in fact, this trendy sack has gotten a facelift and last year made up 25% of the accessory industry sales growth. Holographic plastic, animal prints or just plain colors, the cross-body bags have become a key dress item to match our whole outfit as also a more practical bag for every day.

2. Short shorts and bike shorts

SHORTSHORTSThe bike short can just as easily be made to look elegant and polished as casual and cool. Look to the countless influencers and celebrities who are owning the look for proof. And as the weather heats up, men’s shorts are getting shorter this year. Laid back or formal it, works both ways. For a more formal look, pair it with a short-sleeved shirt tucked in and add a belt.  Choose smart shoes with this look. For a laid-back comfortable look, add a sweatshirt to your look. Choose a neutral colored pair of shorts and add sneakers.

3. Bucket Hats

BUCKETHATDior is at the forefront of this street fashion trend; in the last runway they sent every single model down the runway wearing a bucket hat while redefining the casual ’90s accessory into chic high-end headwear. A bucket hat is the kind of polarizing accessory that falls under the same category of belt bags and tiny cat-eye sunglasses. They look cool, it’s hard to deny that. But opinions are often split when it comes to whether or not one can actually pull the look off. An accessory like the bucket hat has the ability to instantly transform a look. Add in a bucket hat to give your look a street-approved update.

4. Fluorescent colors 


Or, perhaps for the sake of a catchier name, look-at-me green? Just throwing that title out there, because, IDK, when you enter a room with this highlighter literally NO ONE will miss you walking by. The vivid hue is just as loud as a bold print without seeming too busy, and it really takes the phrase “glow up” seriously. While it might seem hard to pull off, it’s actually not as intimidating as you’d think. Start slow, and introduce the color with accessories or by wearing one lime-y piece per outfit.

5. Tie-Dye


Tie-dye was once the stuff of elementary school arts and crafts. Then, it became a cure for middle school boredom.  Now in 2019, tie-dye has officially been elevated to high-fashion status, now pervading the biggest street fashion retailers. The result is a trend that feels clean but organic, bohemian but tailored, nostalgic but contemporary. 

From us, to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew