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Best Shorts For Men to Wear In Summer 2019

Shorts are must-haves for guys to show their style in the heat of summer. With so many different materials and cuts, here are some ideas for you to choose your best shorts for the beach, barbecues, concerts … whatever the occasion.

Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts have hit the fashion scene again because of their multifunctionality. Cargo pants were originally designed to be tough and durable times of war, which cargo shorts perfect for outdoor activities and times of play.


Chino Shorts

Men’s chino shorts are a summer staple! Chino shorts are ideal because they can be dressed up or down. Wear them with casual T-shirts or a nice button-down … it’s all good.



The Hundreds/Jux Chino Shorts


Sweat Shorts

Wearing sweat shorts anywhere other than the gym in the past was a style no-no. But now, with brands making them into great-looking, trim-fitted  sweat shorts that can totally rock it in public, you can now say “yes-yes” and enjoy your stylish sweat shorts in a comfortable way!


RIPNDIP/Peek A Nermal Over Dye Sweat Shorts

Swim Shorts

Swim shorts complement various of body types – whether you’re tall or not, thick or thin, or somewhere in between. They should not only be stylish and fitted, but also comfortable to wear during any water happenings.



PASDEMER/Dopium Swimshorts

There are plenty of stylish and real-world choices to be made when you select your shorts. Summer comes but once a year, so it’s time to put away the old-school pants and add some new colorful summer vibe shorts for your closet and far beyond.

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