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ComplexCon – The Festival for Creatives and Influencers

The fourth annual ComplexCon was popping in Long Beach on the first weekend of November, hosted by Complex magazine. ComplexCon is a creative collaboration between the most influential people and the hottest brands that represent an entire culture. Attendees from all over the world flock together to enjoy pop culture, music, art, food and, of course, streetwear.








Also known as the “Mall of the Future,” ComplexCon allows consumers to buy items that haven’t been released to the public yet while providing an up-close preview on trending brands flooding the marketplace. These include athletic apparel brands like Puma, Reebok and Champion. Streetwear giants Thrasher, The Hundreds, and Chinatown Market are also well-represented.


Beyond the hot brands, there are also amazing art installations and panel discussions led by popular names in the hip-hop and fashion scenes.





Fulver Pineda, Operations Manager for LULA 101, says “ComplexCon provides great insight into the streetwear and pop culture world for anyone who is a new fan, early adopter or is trying to get into the business. The diversity of people and exclusive collaborations available to everyone are what makes this show unique.”







Pop culture and fashion are two peas in a pod, and for us there were two art installations that stood out the most.


The olive and metallic flower pillows from the Tonari No Zingaro booth pays homage to Takashi Murakami’s store in Tokyo, and it was a crowd attraction for many attendees.







Matthew Senna, a Los Angeles based conceptual artist showcased his Bronze and Gold sculptures featuring his “Study,” series focused on Air Jordan 1-18.






Providing opportunities to connect on a mutual platform that appeals to all. The festival is a pop-cultural “melting pot” of everything that makes hip-hop so engaging to the masses. We look forward to seeing what ComplexCon will offer in the years to come.

From us, to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew.