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Who doesn’t want to be considered one of the world’s best fashion designers? Well, Bobby Kim aka Bobby Hundreds, as a founder, designer, illustrator and writer of The Hundreds, says NO. He simply admitted that being one of the best fashion designers has never been his interest; instead, it has been in using clothes to build communities.







THIS is exactly what The Hundreds is doing with their Spring 2020 Collection, which was recently released as some of their most ambitious work yet.






Full of new takes on old classics, intricate design elements and pieces that are sure to be customer favorites for years to come. Recalling the distinctive culture from the late ’90s, their design team uses bright colors, unconventional closure systems, layering techniques, and bold thought-provoking graphics that ruled the era.Picture3

In the meanwhile, from tons of fresh graphic tees to inventive cut-and-sew and a wide range of new accessories, all categories contain a bevy of new offerings to keep customers busy – at least until Summer rolls around.










The Spring 2020 Collection also includes functional workwear and sportswear that utilize unexpected fabrications and feature The Hundreds branding in compelling new ways, telling a unique story and strengthening communities and cultures for old and new fans alike to embrace.







“I’ve prided myself on bringing people together, not on making $3,000 jackets,” says Bobby. The Hundreds aims to build a profound brand culture that enables a lot of people to meet at their stores, on the street, so that they can build their own careers in their own rights.

After all, fashion changes every second, and many styles are easily forgotten and never come back. In contrast, profound culture like The Hundreds will never disappear.


From us to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew!