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Just like the clothing brand that bears his name, Ben Davis had a personality that demanding perfection, was practical and enduring. He established his clothing company when he was just 21, was married to the same woman for 73 years, never changed the job and spent his entire life in San Francisco, the magical city of his birth.
“My father wasn’t a real flashy guy,” said Davis’ son, Frank, who took charge of the clothing company about 15 years ago. “He wore a Ben Davis shirt every day of his life. Ben Davispants, too.”








In this new 2020 collection, Ben Davis not only continues the current classics; it brings back the discontinued ones!

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Offerings include Original Twill Blend Ben Davis pants, carpenter pants and Flame-Resistant pants with a full cut for comfort and style, along with a durable fabric that retains color and fit. For different body types, Gorilla Cut pants and Trim Fit Pants are designed for wider legs and slimmer legs, so take your pick. While your at it, grab some shorts for natural a/c during when it’s hot and sticky.

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In addition to providing classic short sleeves, long sleeves, T-shirts, outwear, coverwear and accessories, Ben Davis also has brought back its funny classic “Hot Rod” Tee and “Plenty Tough” Tee, responding to customer demand. Adding to that, they creatively designed the new “I’ve Got a Monkey on My Back” T-shirt, a special edition of short sleeves with color combination of orange and black … and so on, waiting for you to wear it on!

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“We just wanted to make good, sturdy clothes.” Frank Davis said, “Neither My father nor I ever imagined our clothing would be such a hit with the younger crowd.” Well that’s because we trust and respect classics made by a practical, enduring (and stylish) brand, don’t we?

From us to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew!