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Elhaus is in the House

The Indonesian brand Elhaus brings utilitarian style from Indonesia to far beyond, creating new streetwear that you have never seen before.

The brand specializes in streetwear staples inspired by military garments, motorcycle clubs and techwear. Their patchwork pieces are a sight to behold as well as their knack for all-over prints, patterns and pocket placements.

Launched in 2010 as a denim brand by Raven Navarro in Jakarta, Elhaus focuses on clean, timeless designs, made by using both modern and traditional techniques
and materials.

Here is their brand-new line: The Gentle Metal Collection. This offering expresses their exploration in garment making to create functional necessities while they search for unique shapes, fabrics and prints. The result is a focus on technique and fabrics that results in stylish, comfortable and functional clothes.

Elhaus designs and specifies every shape of the pockets, details, and fabric prints to show how creators seeing clothes. That is to say, a transformation from mere practically into a one kind of statement pieces.

In addition, the new collection merges Elhaus utilitarian codes with bold traditional style. This vagabond jackets represent their new collection concept; you can see the fusion of tactical vest with 3D pocket and kimono.

To keep balance, they use muted color fabrics, accented with eye-catching prints.

For the second half of the collection, they are dropping their signature digi boroprint tailored to the Gentle Metal pattern, notable in various pieces such as the Glide Shirtsand the Ground Jackets. Enter the Gentle Metal – emergence of hard made; soft goods. And style redefined.


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