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Capsul – from Streetwear to Vogue

The founders of their country’s first multi-brand streetwear platform were recently featured in Vogue Magazine – India. Here is a recap of what makes Capsul, a Lula 101 account, unique and poised for further success. 

Streetwear culture has seen an upward rise in the last few decades. From emerging as a subculture to punk rock and hip-hop of the ’70s, to finding a permanent spot on modern-day couture runways, streetwear has been a movement of its people.

Meenakshi Singh and Bhavisha Dave saw an opportunity to introduce streetwear brands to the Indian audience while they worked together at Puma. Powered with an almost decade-long experience in the industry and exposure to street culture, the duo collaborated on launching Capsul in 2018, an online multi-brand streetwear store with headquarters in Bangalore.






India has a sizeable community that is into streetwear, in the range of 500,000k+ Oversize fits, logo t-shirts, coach jackets, tactical apparel, Yeezy, Jordans and Nike SB’s are some styles that form part of the uniform of this crop of India’s bubbling streetwear community. Capsul says that younger consumers usually prefer brands like Odd Future and Thrasher while the older, more seasoned audience prefers heritage brands like The Hundreds as well as Thrasher.







Capsul started off by curating brands that were OGs in the streetwear space, including The Hundreds and Thrasher. They also brought on board brands which were connected with from their time spent at Puma. The brand’s ethos and storytelling are what Capsul use to curate products; however, the common thread connecting all these brands is their respect and love.

THR- 1





Thrasher and The Hundreds, distributed by Lula 101, are two of Capsul’s best-selling brands, because their look is never out of style. And one of the most exciting collabs for them to date has been The Hundreds X Hard Rock Cafe drop. The Hard Rock drop has that amazing vintage vibe to it and is a must cop for collectors.






Capsul began with authenticity, collaboration and positivity as the key values. It was launched with the goal to make global brands with cultural clout and independent design available to the discerning Indian Gen Z and millennial, through an authentic lens of storytelling and community.


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