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Miles Medina Seeks the Positive with Rastaclat


20200422_MILESMEDINA_1352X892_JOURNAL_HERO_2048x.progressiveMiles Medina is a San Francisco native, and Goldie Award Winning DJ.
He touched his first turntables at the age of 13, and a few years later,
he began to make a name for himself in the Bay Area battle scene by entering
DJ competitions.

5 years later, he was well-known within the local Bay Area club circuit.
By 2017, Miles made his mark in the music community as the 2017 Goldie Awarded DJ battle champion, held by world renowned DJs and producers.

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Not only talented, humble and a passionate artist, Miles is known to create positive vibes as he reads the crowd and sets the tone on any given nights when he is DJing.

He said, “I think the worst thing right now, especially in this day and age, is like people seeking fame and approval from everybody. You’re putting your own happiness
in other people’s hands.”

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Finding your own way and being yourself is better way to live 100% of your life.
Watch Mile’s story from this link in below. Live your life, and Seek positive with Rastaclat.

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