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Pas De Mer – from Italy to You. The Aesthetic Style         of Irony Graphics                  and Colorful Prints

Pas De Mer, an independent clothing brand founded in 2011, offers a unique brand style that allows them to create timeless goods in the streetwear market. Pas De Mer means “no sea” in French; however, this Italian streetwear brand is situated on the island of Sardinia and surrounded by the sea. Like their brand focus, many of their graphics-laden pieces transport a sense of humor and attitude.

For the SS20 season, Pas De Mer has created a collection named “Welcome Visitors.” The themes of traveling and becoming tourists around the world are portrayed very ironically. The models are in fact shot on Google Maps-style backgrounds, in front of the Great Pyramid of Giza, in front of the Great Wall of China, on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and so on. The meaning is also ironic that people traveling to a place usually like to take photos with iconic locations.














The irony that characterizes the visuals is also one of the strengths of the aesthetic of the brand, which has always made colorful, funny and eye-catching graphics one of its benchmarks. The collection features basic items like T-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, shirts, shorts and more. By using eye-catching quotes, statements and graphics,
Pas De Mer enrich brand image successfully.

Over the years, Pas De Mer has collaborated with different music and movie collectives in Europe, and due to its creative and cynicism aesthetic, it is progressively rocking the European streetwear landscape.

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