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Legendary skateboard brand, THRASHER, announced its official grand opening on Tmall, the Chinese eCommerce giant, on August 12. Tmall is China’s leading online mall for quality, brand-name goods and a business within Alibaba Group.

The launch brings the iconic San Francisco skate brand to more Chinese fans, from skaters, musicians and artists, to streetwear enthusiasts and young people who live by their own rules. Thrasher Tmall’s official flagship store is selling classic core skate apparel designs along with new and limited styles for each season, including T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, caps and accessories.

Thrasher Magazine is a monthly skateboarding publication founded in January 1981, in San Francisco, by Fausto Vitello and Eric Swenson. Every month, Thrasher Magazine features stories, interviews and photographs, showcasing the clothing, culture and character of of the skateboarding community’s stars and personalities . Over the years, this classic magazine has evolved to create products with graphics like the Skate Goat, Skate & Destroy and, of course, the iconic Flame Logo that everyone knows and loves.


Throughout the decades, and in recent years, Thrasher has been worn by top skaters, streetwear kings and queens, band leaders and artists, all who choose their own paths and live each day like it’s their last. After nearly 40 years as a global skate brand, Thrasher still maintains a pure skateboarding soul, and even all of it’s new cool styles. Today, Thrasher has become the symbol of global skateboarding culture by spreading the vibes of skate and street culture worldwide.


Thrasher’s partnership with Tmall represents a new era for for the brand with its official online presence in China. Check it out, and be part of the Thrasher community.