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Wish you can skate?

It’s not surprising to see more famous faces riding around town on skateboards these days.


Even Blake Lively, Kate Middleton, and More Celebrities With Boards. Why not join them?

THRASHER SP18Skateboarding is more and more popular every day, but not everyone has the talent to shred the streets. If you’re like me, you can shred your style by wearing skate wear.  Then take some cool pictures for social media and let people know that you share the skate love! Here’s how to do skater style like a model.

「thrasher skate ootd」的圖片搜尋結果

Welcome to the world of model skaters.


The key to nailing your OOTD? It’s all about mixing and matching skate classics with your everyday pieces.

「thrasher skate ootd」的圖片搜尋結果

Take the slip dress: You can easily add some shred to the slinky number with a THRASHER Spring 2018 hoodie/T-shirt and a pair of classic skate shoes.

「thrasher skate ootd」的圖片搜尋結果

「thrasher skate ootd」的圖片搜尋結果

A logo white T-shirt and a pair of classic checker-print Vans can all be worn with some wild-care flair thanks to a striped ribbed knit dress. Not a bad way to lend some edge to your ensemble—whether you accessorize with a skateboard or not. Actually paraphernalia from Thrasher magazine, the Tee has become a rising staple in the real model-off-duty wardrobe of any catwalker worthy of their Instagram following.

「thrasher celebrities」的圖片搜尋結果

Which brings us back to the question: How has a T-shirt best known by rail-grinding skateboarders become a wardrobe staple for a set of cool-girl models and on point for cool guys, too? We have some theories:

「thrasher celebrities」的圖片搜尋結果

The piece comes with a certain skater reputation that’s synonymous with a youthfully rebellious distaste for authority and a vintage appeal.

「thrasher celebrities」的圖片搜尋結果

There’s a roughed-up appeal to the skater lifestyle that seems contrary to that of the model, whom, you’d imagine, would put preserving her limbs at a precedent but which is part and parcel of the appeal for self-professed “bad girls” like Walton and Boling, and makes for something that can instantly add a dose of hardness to any polished ensemble.

「thrasher celebrities model」的圖片搜尋結果

“I started wearing a Thrasher tee once I finally felt confident enough to take to the streets on a board. I think you need to earn a few bruises before you can officially start wearing one,” says Style Editor Barsamian.

「thrasher celebrities model」的圖片搜尋結果

Yes, it’s time for you to join the skateboarding topic and be a skatewear OOTD expert on social media!

So get your butt moving before and live the dream!

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Don’t try to be cool if you’re not Rastaclat cool

Congratulations to the class of 2018!

graduation 1

With graduations right around the corner, we know how hard you’ve worked, and we want to celebrate this milestone with you.

Here are some tips for you as you get ready for some adulting:

  1. Attend a Career Fair – Dress business casual (no jeans or sneakers) to make a good impression.
  2. Update Your Resume – Having a strong resume will help you avoid many headaches in your job search, and it’s one less thing to worry about going forward. If you don’t have career services available for graduate students on your campus, try connecting with alumni. Many universities have alumni networks set up to help students and new graduates connect with their more experienced peers. If you’re still not getting what you need, ask a career coach.17817564_209505839535950_5596644430263091200_n
  3. Share Your Research -Three Minute Thesis (3MT) is a global phenomenon. If you haven’t heard of it, 3MT is a competition that gives graduate students three minutes and a single PowerPoint slide to explain their research to an audience of educated peers.
  4. Read – I know you already read all the time, but I’m talking about reading that’s related to you, your situation, aspirations and career plans.
  5. Attend Beyond the Professoriate (keep learning beyond the classroom)
  6. Knowing what is the hot cake for the market - Before you look for your job, don’t spend too much time and money, but do get something something cool, yet sophisticated, such as a suit, nice leather shoes or some accessories make you standing out but won;t be too much. In this case, we highly recommend for you and your buddies …
  7. Rastaclat Knotaclat : 2018 Gradclat

Rastaclat Knotaclat Bracelet!

This Limited Edition Gradclat is a black rope bracelet featuring tassels & gold hardware with a 2018 emblem. Comes in exclusive diploma inspired collector’s box. 100% shiny polyester rope. One size fits most wrists, 6″ to 7.5″ wrist circumference.

Rastaclat Knotaclat : 2018 Gradclat

Why Rastaclat?

Because it’s simple and classic, but not too formal. You can wear it with suit, casual style or while on vacay or about town wearing T-shirts. Even guys who normally don’t consider wearing bracelets will now think, “if I don’t have this Rastaclat bracelet, but other trendsetters do, am I still the coolest kid on the block?”

Don’t try too hard to be cool … just live the life of cool … in and out of school!

Follow the tips above and #seekthepositive!  You will always be the coolest in school at work or just hitting the streets!

graduation 2

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The Hundreds X Amoeba Music

“I’ve never been about the money. I’ve always been about spreading the gospel of music and what it can mean for humanity… I just love the spiritual connection people have with their artists and their music.” -Amoeba co-founder Marc Weinstein

Amoeba Music is not only the world’s largest independent record store—it’s a cultural institution that champions the spirit of music. The Hundreds was founded by music lovers – a hardcore kid and a hip-hop head – so we’re extra proud to present our The Hundreds X Amoeba Music collection.

thehundredsIG_exteriorThe Hundreds and Amoeba Music are excited to announce The Hundreds X Amoeba Music, a limited-edition capsule collection and collaboration!AmoebaxHundredsLate last month, The Hundreds collaborated with legendary hip-hop label Rawkus Records on a special joint collection that paid tribute to the record company’s storied history. Continuing to mine the brand’s musical influences, The Hundreds now teams up with world-renowned record store Amoeba Music for another collaborative effort that bridges the gap between music and streetwear.


The Hundreds X Amoeba Music collection includes a series of short-sleeve and long-sleeve T-shirts, a pullover, tote bag, and hat all utilizing dip-dye techniques and a bold version of the classic Amoeba logo.


A limited-edition offering, The Hundreds and Amoeba Music’s collaborative capsule delivers a graphic-heavy range of new t-shirts, hoodies, accessories and hats. Notably, a large portion of the designs featured in the collection utilize a unique dip-dye method, allowing those particular items to stand out from the rest. Graphic motifs from the long lineages of both brands can be found in this new collaboration, making for an artfully-branded collection that proudly displays its affiliations.


You can purchase the limited-edition T-shirts, sweatshirts & more at our stores starting June 7th.


You can take a look at The Hundreds and Amoeba Music’s new collaborative collection above, and you can expect to find the capsule’s wares on the shelves on Amoeba Music locations and The Hundreds Los Angeles, and online at The Hundreds’ official website.

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The GFM band and Andy Glass in Fatal clothing


The “beautycore” act known as GFM (Gold Frankincense and Myrrh) has released its new song and music video titled Stuck in my Suicide. If you are fan of bands like Red, Flyleaf, and even The Devil Wears Prada, then you’ll dig this band!


Recently, GFM and Fatal clothing had fun destroying some drumsticks at Benchmark Sound Studios!


Check out Andy Glass in the new Rock & Destroy Fatal Tee! As you know, he is one of six members of the melodic metalcore group “We Came As Romans,” who released their debut album To Plant a Seed in 2009. Their album, Tracing Back Roots,  reached commercial success, peaking at #8 on the Billboard 200 Chart.



Still wondering why GFM and Andy Glass can be so cool? You’re in luck today!




Just get your hands on some of Fatal Clothing’s new products! Copping this look will def change how you see yourself.


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What an Odd Future in 2018

Odd Future is much more than a hip-hop collective, it’s a dope clothing line with you in mind. And it’s founding member is everywhere.

Tyler, The Creator’s new track “OKRA” might be a “throwaway,” but there’s no doubt that the rapper could’ve included this on an upcoming project.

The booming bass looms throughout the verse is reminiscent of some of the his earlier work. However, the melodies on the hook change the tone of the song before jumping right back into the dark side.


The song’s currently on YouTube, but look out for it to drop on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services tonight.


Hopefully, Tyler ends up dropping this on his upcoming tour dates. Like Coachella! In addition, he’s a headliner for Afropunk’s Brooklyn Festival. Keep your eyes peeled for that. Whether or not you can hit music tour, how about chillin’ with Odd Future styles?


Odd Future clothing includes T-shirts hoodies, and accessories that are sold through the collective’s online store, and are defined by their bold, playful motifs and use of eye-catching colors.

odd future 1

So what are you waiting for? Support your favorite hip-hop group, and show off your Odd Future styles by wearing their iconic donut logo T-shirts and other sick styles.

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Primitive Apparel X Grizzly Griptape

Primitive apparel just released their collaboration with Grizzly Griptape. They are both street wear brands, but GG focuses mainly on griptape for skatedecks, while Primitive is mainly apparel. Most of this collection features the infamous grizzly bear logo with the signature Primitive writing. The collab is a hit and is selling rapidly.


The owner of Primitive, Andy Netkin, is based in Los Angeles and was inspired by the clothing brand, X- Large. Their brand is a representation of the roots of skateboarding culture and music. Originally, Primitive only sold t- shirts and new eras, but the customers loved them and wanted more. They expanded into accesories and more apparel as well.


For social media:






Founder Matte Fields started Dope in the Midwest when he was studying at Indiana University. He created the brand in 2007 and is a brand, boutique, and online store. Drawing inspiration from both luxury lifestyle and street culture, Dope’s clothing and accessories have built a unique following including tastemasters and music icons alike.


Since the brand’s Midwestern inception, Dope’s products have foreshadowed the shift towards high fashion inspired streetwear. These progressive designs alongside an unmatched attention to detail in every piece act as the driving force behind the brand’s dominant foothold in the streetwear industry.

From snapbacks, beanies and pullovers to intricate cut & sew and accessories, Dope is worn in music videos, international publications, and by the brand’s self-proclaimed following, the Bougie Crew.

At its own flagship location on the iconic Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles and with accounts across the globe, Dope is taking the Bougie Crew worldwide.

Famous Stars and Straps

Travis Barker, the drummer for Blink- 182, founded Famous Stars and Straps fifteen years ago. It is based in Ontario, California and influenced by music genres: punk, rock, and hip- hop. This brand has had so much success since it first started in 1999. FSAS has their own “family” of a mix of people who support each other in anything they do. This is a highly respected brand in BMX, skate, motorcycle arenas, and MMA. Many of the team members of FSAS are involved in these sports.


FSAS is a lifestyle brand and a movement. It is international and everyone is loving the brand, considering it has been successful for 15 years now. Multiple celebrities have worn this brand helping the growth even more. The famous “F” logo for this brand represents a “badge of honor.”


This brand grew rapidly because of the popularity of Travis Barker. All his fans from Blink- 182 bought the apparel and accessories immediately. Although Barker still has to go on tour and has a big music career, he communicates with the members of FSAS. Barker keeps up with the brand and makes it all about the team. They are in this together and satisfying customers with this epic street wear company.


Social Media FSAS:






Walking Down the BLVD

BLVD (boulevard) is celebrity and rapper, Soulja Boy’s clothing line. It started in January of 2012 and has made a lot of profit since. When celebrities design clothing it is usually successful since they already have a fan base. BLVD is all about bringing “forth their visions of always striving for the best life, all while living a life uncontrolled by the standard authorities. Since Soulja Boy is extremely famous, this is one of the leading clothing lines in the hip- hop community.


The main logo for the brand BLVD is the signature California palm tree. The design came about by the phrase “trees overhead.” When walking down Hollywood Boulevard, for example, you just look up and see the beautiful palm trees and hopefully a bright future alongside. Soulja Boy creatives designs and intertwines the palm tree to make a nice print for t- shirts. He took a step further and decided to showcase BLVD at Magic trade show in Las Vegas. It was very successful and he had a blast promoting his brand.


To learn more:



Silence is Golden Denim

Abraham Ruiz founded Golden Denim, “This is not a brand, this is a tradition,” in 2009. After high school, Ruiz decided to work instead of going to college. His family has been making jeans for 30 years and he thought to take that experience to a whole new level. At the time, there were not a ton of big brands in L.A. Ruiz scoped that opportunity and created Golden Denim. He cuts and sews the jeans himself along with a team of about 50-60 employees. Denim is not easy to sew, yet he is devoted to this company and spends hours at the factory. His designs are unique and the current trend of GD is the marathon pant. It is similar to Publish’s jogger pant with the cinched cuff.


The difference is that all of GD’s clothing is made in USA instead of China. Ruiz chose to do this to support American labor and nowadays almost everything is produced in China, setting him aside from the crowd. Ruiz works very hard and always sets goals for himself, making the success of his company possible. He figured that jeans are a California lifestyle and most people have a love for denim. Ruiz’s designs are creative with the color palette he uses and abstract prints. Complex Magazine named his rendition of the camo marathon pants “the best camo pants.” Golden Denim is expanding daily and is getting even more popular.

00000539572095E6_M CEMI_4753

Click here to watch a video of the owner, Abraham Ruiz, sewing a pair of Golden Denim jeans handcrafted.

For further information: