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BLACK SCALE finally reveals Spring 2017 Video clip!

BLACK SCALE shows its dope Spring 2017 Video LookBook,  shot in the heart of San Francisco with the co-founder and creative director of Black Scale, Michael “Mega” Yabut.

So many cool designs … can’t wait to bag some. Check them out now on their website!

This innovative video views like a film. Set in the city center, San Fran is cool anyway, but  the video concept makes it even better. It’s a visually captivating experience. Enjoy!


The Hundreds is beyond proud to announce its newly released Spring 2017 collection !

Available now at The Hundreds’ flagship store, online shop and select authorized retailers now. Too cool!


For the spring collection, the new designs capture a L.A. lifestyle mash-up with stylized workwear. Moreover, The Hundreds highlights its new collection with boxy, oversized fits, hybrid/reversible garments and new fabrications, as well, like engineered jacquard knits and reverse sateens.



Paying props to “80’s British Ska and the 2-Tone movement, throughout the Spring collection, H-checkered patterns appears. This pattern signifies harmony between blacks and whites and everyone, and offers a refreshing contrast to divisions between red and blue.



The Hundreds’ outstanding Spring 2017 collections moves the L.A. lifestyle story forward in a big way: The classic chino “penn” shorts (above left) are made of stretch selvedge twill with a drawstring waistband; the crew-neck “Generation” sweatshirt (above right) indicate California car culture.


The bottom line with an oversized shape: The boxy “Campbell” pullover hooded sweatshirt (left) in comfy sherpa fleece has vintage puff printing along the sleeves; and the “Well” jacket (right) made of lightweight cotton twill is an oversized mac coat with a corduroy collar.

For more information on The Hundreds Spring 17 collection, please visit

From us, to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew.

Agenda Show agendashow • Instagram photos and 123

Lula X Agenda – Las Vegas, Winter 2017

Agenda Show agendashow • Instagram photos and videos

At one of the most creative and popular metropolitan areas on Planet Earth, Agenda Las Vegas rocked diverse product offerings that included lifestyle, streetwear, contemporary goods — giving brand fans and the Lula team a wonderful visiting experience.

Time to follow Lula and explore what kind of exhibiting brands and new offerings that this unique show held in Las Vegas.

adan agenda

Check out the behind the scenes with Adan at Agenda Las Vegas, who is the “Muscle” behind Lula 101, spending his time overseeing warehouse operations while boosting our sales.

Personifying our motto “Service, Styles & Smiles,” Adan is always grinning, dressing in style and serving Lula’s customers in the best ways possible.

chinatown agenda

Like these small, cute and colorful T-shirts in “CHINATOWN MARKET”.

Just like its location – Lively with fashion.

Agenda Show agendashow • Instagram photos and videos2

Welcome to the paper-cut lounge space at Agenda Las Vegas with a mural by travmsk.

After reviewing the booths, shows and brand offerings, here are just a few of the stand-out brands that captured our attention:


An exclusive NYC founded lifestyle brand of limited hoodies, tees, headwearand high-end streetwear, Ethik is influenced by the undergrounds of skate, BMX & rap cultures.

For more info, visit

UNK NBA at Agenda Las Vegas News Updates Agenda Show

UNK is a core licensed partner with the NBA and has been around for over 14 years.

The brand offers men’s and youth sportswear and athleisure apparel as well as ladies loungewear and lifestyle-fan apparel.

UNK has designs for NBA fans who want to represent their favorite team both on and off the courts.

For more info, visit

Boy London at Agenda Las Vegas News Updates Agenda Show

Love, passion and hip-hop bring Boy London out for new era after brand born.

New and unique offerings inspired from new street culture.

Boy London is no doubt a fashion trendsetter.

For more info, visit


The Lula visit at Agenda Las Vegas was exciting, fun … and not everything in Vegas, stayed in Vegas. ;)

From us, to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew.




REBEL8 – “No hype, no bullshit. We make our own path and follow no one.”


REBEL8 was born from the tattoo and graffiti art scene in San Francisco. Started by Joshy D in 2003 with only $500, he began selling REBEL8 T-shits out of a messenger bag.

Then in 2007 his good bud Mike Giant joined as Head Artist. A titan in the graffiti and tattoo art community, it Mike who had given Josh his first drops of ink.

Recently, REBEL8 has published its Spring 17 collection, so let’s just check it out and show you the styles that you can’t live without.


 Worldwide Domination Raglan Top

This streetwear brand really mixes tattoo and skate culture all with original designs by Mike Giant.

REBEL8’s name is a play on words when Josh had a REVELAtion. 


Toast to the Worst Zip Hoodie

We always say, “Your clothes define you.”

To that end, what kind of clothes do you love right now?

Are you a REBEL8er?


When you look at a REBEL8 design, there is rawness to it that hits home to its followers.

Their work and designs cross genre lines, just like their amazing fans.


Bottled Violence Muscle Tee

 As a rock-solid in the community brand, REBEL8 is in our blood.

With high-quality clothes for the streetwear and lifestyle of skaters,

REBEL8 is heavily influenced by music and subcultures, which also inspires Lula. 


Eight Or Die Tee

In a word, the attitude through REBEL8 is to reveal the truth.

Yes, we’re a fan of REBEL8 and you should be too!

For more information on REBEL8 Spring 17 collection, please visit

From us, to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew.


Publish Brand Spring 2017 First Release:Men’s Collections



Huntington Beach, Calif.  “Cool, Calm, and Collected” is one of the strongest offerings from the always innovative, California men’s brand, Publish.

The notion of “California Cool” is expressed with this collection’s aesthetic, along with its adaptability to the ever-changing climate we experience today.

Utilizing functional fabrics and unique designs, part 1 of this smart & stylish collection defines ready-to-wear with modern sensibilities.


-Publish 3         -PublishBrand 4

-PublishBrand 6        -PublishBrand 5


Publish supplies today’s men with daily essentials from “Cool, Clam, and Collected.”

Highlights of this collection include the “Maverick” Jogger Pant, a hybrid track pant featuring a snap-cuff, built with a breathable cotton/poly blend.




Life’s day struggles are real, and your clothing choice should be the least of those worries.

Publish Brand is here to give you options to make your life run smoother and cooler.


8 7


The “Landyn” cardigan is elegantly engineered with a custom waffle knit to create a truly unique and polished piece.

Publish Brand exists to stir your imagination and, in turn, be inspired by you as well.


IMG_9911         IMG_9896


Constructed of durable stretch twill, the “Fynix” trench coat is lightweight and elongated, making it suitable for spring’s unpredictable weather conditions.

“We are part-time clothiers, full-time bridge builders. We aspire to refine daily life by delivering premium, timeless products and ideas that transcend the realms of art and fashion. ” – Publish Brand




Look for the entire collection release at authorized Publish accounts globally on February 7 and weekly segmented releases on

From us, to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew.

The Nines Grand Launch

“At the end of the day, I think it’s what we all want.”

Trent Javier – Co-founder – The Nines


On December 9, we welcomed the newest streetwear / contemporary store in Manila, Philippines: The Nines. Highlighting heritage brands and new-age cuts, the drinks were on the house and the in-store raffle, giveaways and music by DJ Ace Ramos and NixdamnP made it a night to long be remembered.

Energizing Manila’s burgeoning menswear scene, The Nines intersects streetwear with contemporary high-street fashion.

Conjuring up styling sensibilities from a bygone medieval era, the retailer derives its namesake from the phrase “dressed to a knight” – later transitioned into the American-led adaptation, “dressed to the nines.”

While its origins imply an aptitude to clothe oneself in the finest of formalwear, The Nines reinterprets this to denote dressing well in any such genre, be it streetwear, formalwear or anything in between.


With a core foundation rooted in fashion and photography, the shop converges both mediums to create its own distinct design language and its in-house photo studio styling area.

Customers are encouraged to snap their very own lookbook-mannered pictorials in a well-controlled, professional environment.

Moreover, The Nines staff remain at the ready, eager to discuss brand concepts while offering sartorial expertise on how customers can stylize items into their own artistic agendas.


The Nines is positioned to help pioneer The Philippine’s menswear movement and gear up to acclaimed labels while securing exclusivity with highly coveted imported brands as Thrasher, Stamped, I Love Ugly, Odd Future, Publish Brand and Blvck Scvle.


Other noteworthy names showcased at The Nines include Vitaly, Civil Regime, Rastaclat, Suavecito, Richer Poorer, Clear Weather and RESHOEVN8R.


As you can see, The Nines brings the most typical American style to the Taguig district of Manila, Philippines.

According to Trent Javier, the co-founder of The Nines, their goal remains simple: to help spearhead a movement based on stylistic excellence.

More importantly, The Nines aim to project and instill confidence to any and all who walk through our doors.


The event photos show you exactly how hot and popular The Nines is in Philippines.

Therefore, our friends living in, or traveling to, Manila should check us out to find your favorite brands in an amazing venue.


So how do you feel about The Nines now? Want to follow this super-cool shop and learn more about it? Well here’s your chance!:

Facebook:  @THENINESPH Q

Instagram: @THENINES_PH

From us, to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew.


Positive vibes in the Philippines – Unleashed 7


One of the most successful rave festival series recently returned for its 7th happening in Manila, Philippines.

The most positive vibrations brand Rastaclat, Lula 101’s regional office of Regain Philippines sponsored this exclusive event, Unleashed 7!

November 12, 2016

Were you there to enjoy this magical mega-event? If not, let us walk you … no, let us dance you through it! Thousands of diehard fans amassed at the MOA Open Grounds, in Manila.


The event was smoking and the fans were blazing, as you can see from these photos. And the drinks were flowing to keep everyone cool and smiling.

With striking stage design, a dope sound system, fireworks, light shows and awesome artists, this was an event not to be missed. But no worries, if you couldn’t make it, just join us for the next one!


A stunning line-up of top talent included LA-based EDM artist Borgeous, Kat DJ, Mars Miranda, Martin Pulgar, Jessica Milner, Katsy Lee, Marc Marasigan, Travis Monsod, Carlo Atendido, Aaron Atayde, Ron Thug and Roda King. An amazing mix, and thank you for rocking with us!



All fans entering this event received a positively stylish Rastaclat bracelet. How cool is that?
Rastaclat also had its own booth with even more offerings, so it was spreading its positive vibrations for the electrifying event. Can you feel it?


Rastaclat is a symbol of righteousness, doing good for yourself and others. And they showcased all different kinds of Rastaclats to help fans do just that. So hard to choose just one, but with Rastaclat, the more the merrier!  fotorcreated

Rastaclat photobooth. Say cheese! Join us to enjoy CLATLIFE!fotorcreate


The festival was surely an unforgettable experience for everyone. Memories were made, friendships were built, and positive vibrations were alive at Unleashed 7. See you next time!

We will keep bringing coolest lifestyles to Philippine and Asian-Pacific.   unspecifiedi2721m5t

From us, to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew.


Have you started your Primitive life?

Thanksgiving is behind us and winter upon us. But no matter what time of year,
Primitive is always in season!

We are showcasing Primitive’s latest video, clothing and skateboards.

It’s never too late to start your skate life, so enjoy the ride.


Slovakian precision meets Spanish architecture. Marek Zaprazny is Primitive Skate International Ambassador, and he delivered this coolest video. Here we go …

Filmed by: Henner Figueiredo

For more info, check out his Instagram page @marekzaprazny.


Primitive Holiday 2016 is now available too. Everything is so stylish and slick.


ENDEAVOR ANORAK grey jacket with HUYFONGFOODS collaborated cap!


HEAVY STRIPE LONG SLEEVE matches well with your boards.


TECH BREAKER JACKET and VARSITY COACH JACKET are must for this winter. It’s simple and impressive. These are must-haves, so grab ‘em while you can.


New boards from Paul Rodriguez, Shane O’Neill, Carlos Ribeiro, Bastien Salabanzi, Devine Calloway, Nick Tucker and Brian Peacock.


The graphics are colorful and so dope. And check out the VAMPIRELLA sexy boards!

Which boards will you rock with? Ride your board and seize the day.

Get your favorite 2016 Holiday looks and find out more information with us.

↓↓↓More cool stuff↓↓↓

Primitive online store:

Primitive Instagram:


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Exploring the Future at ComplexCon 2016

「complexcon」の画像検索結果Summer is coming to an end in California, and it’s time to check out the exciting new trends and collections. The Lula 101 crew was thrilled to be at the ComplexCon’s inaugural mega-event at the Long Beach Convention Center. ComplexCon is an expertly curated convention and festival that brings the world of Complex to life. So many cool clothing brands, footwear and artists gathered at this space. We enjoyed watching, listening, shopping, tasting and experiencing the future … now!

Okay … Want to take a tour with us? Here we go …

Saturday, November 5th


It’s another sunny day in Long Beach, California! The Lula101 crew hangs out in front of the Long Beach Convention Center. Can’t wait to get inside!


OMG, look at this crowd! It’s lit! Don’t get lost …Tons of industry people and brand fans were here from all over the United States for this legit event.

Here is our highlight video of what we experienced at ComplexCon.

Lula visiting hours

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There was number of big name brand like Adidas, Champion, X-LARGE, etc. I want this BAPE sign in my room … and check out RipNDip’s huge blow-up cat! So many booths to visit!


Here is the exhibition produced by @projectblitzla. We were surrounded by all these superb NIKE shoes. Beyond cool!


Takashi Murakami is a Japanese contemporary artist, works in fine arts media as well as commercial media and is known for KAIKAIKIKI. The oversized air globe “Baburu” has his images imposed over its surface and responds to your touch. Fun!!

Now it’s time for Lula’s special visits … let’s go say hi to our friends!



Reshoevn8r has created the safest and best cleaning solution by manufacturing it in the USA. It is one of the most reliable and fastest-growing shoe care brands today and has garnered the slogan as “The ultimate sneaker cleaner.” We could actually get our shoes cleaned inside this dope van.



FairPlay is a Los Angeles-based brand, inspired by the functionality of athletic gear while adding a touch of character with intricate sport design. We love this newspaper wallpaper on the walls. Too cool.

The Hundreds

The Hundreds apparel is inspired by Los Angeles Lifestyle / California Culture and Southern California’s skateboarding, surf, punk, and hip-hop cultures. They just released the collaboration with Death Row, the pioneering West Coast hip-hop label.

Richer Poorer

Richer Poorer took a minimal approach to their booth at ComplexCon, letting their product speak for itself.

Richer Poorer is innerwear that makes everyday a good one: well-made, beautifully designed socks, boxer briefs and tees. They had exclusive Blush Pink tees for men and women only available at the event.

Of course we enjoyed music with the biggest name artists like Pharrell, Skillrex, KidCudi etc.. It was hottest place in entire world … off the charts!


End of the trip

It was hard to say goodbye to this dazzling place. We had a blast, it was almost like a dream,  but this was very real … and we’ll be back.

Hope you all had fun on our tour … see you soon!


From us, to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew.


News for Punk fans, here comes The Hundreds X Epitaph Records!

The Hundreds recently released the latest collaboration with Epitaph Records, available in limited quantities at the Hundreds flagship locations and its online shop.

the-hundreds-x-epitaph-bad-religion-1 the-hundreds-x-epitaph-bad-religion-2

“From bands to brands, The Hundreds and Epitaph is a celebration of all things independent, and a testament of how far passion and great work can take you.”

– Bobby Hundreds


Founded by Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz in 1980, Epitaph Records is an institution. It started as what Gurewitz described as a “logo and a P.O. Box,” created specifically to release Bad Religion albums, and soon grew from its humble beginnings in Hollywood, California, to become an epicenter of independent spirit and punk rock music – home to some of the world’s most eminent punk bands like Refused, Descendents, Pennywise, Rancid and more. It’s been 36 years since its beginnings, and the Epitaph mantra still rings loud and true.


The Hundreds X Epitaph Records is an ode to the band T-shirt. Along with a collaborative logo tee, we’ve flipped the album art of our four favorite Epitaph releases: Bad Religion’s Recipe for Hate, Refused’s The Shape of Punk to Come, Pennywise’s Unknown Road, and Descendents’ Everything Sucks. Each shirt prominently features the track listing on the back, and arrives in unexpected modern streetwear colorways.

The Descendents are a punk rock band formed in 1977 in Manhattan Beach, California by guitarist Frank Navetta, bassist Tony Lombardo and drummer Bill Stevenson


Although The Hundreds is inspired by California Culture, they are far more than just a California Brand. As the birthplace of skateboarding, West coast hip-hop, and streetwear, Southern California, and The Hundreds, influence transcends borders and drives global attitudes and style.

Pennywise, formed in 1988, is an American punk rock band from Hermosa Beach, California. Its name is derived from the monster, “It,” from the Stephen King novel of the same name.


It wasn’t long before Epitaph’s roster expanded beyond Los Angeles, providing the platform from one of Bobby Hundreds favorite bands, Refused (from Sweden).


The Lula crew is stoked about The Hundreds’s new music-inspired collection.

On top of that we salute to the latest Fall 16, tracking by The Hundred’s root-updating traditional California-inspired workwear with contemporary fabric and techniques. Most excitingly, the collection’s lookbook was shot on location in the Philippines by Aly Mananquil featuring models Nika Higashionna & Julio del Prado as part of #thehundredsXlookbook contest.

Check here:

The Hundreds is carried worldwide, with flagship locations in L.A.’s Fairfax district, San Francisco’s Union Square,and SoHo, New York. Can’t wait to see their next new story coming up. So what’s your favorite band in this collection?


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The Hundreds online store:

The Hundreds Instagram: