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ComplexCon 2017 Long Beach



ComplexCon is the world’s largest gathering of like-minded pop culture enthusiasts.

It took place at the awesome Long Beach Convention Center during the weekend November 4th and 5th, and Lula 101 was there to see the exclusive sneaker drops, interactive experiences, musical performances, edgy, innovative and dope streetwear brands & collabs (RipNDip, Never Made, 10 Deep, Champion, The Hundreds, Undefeated, Sanrio, Fear of God and many more.)

This poppin’ event brought sneakerheads, celebrities, and streetwear fans to rock the house, and throughout the venue, there were psychedelic Manga-style visuals by renowned Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.


Takashi Murakami is a Japanese contemporary artist and one of the host committee members of Complex Con 2017.

He not only designed this event with his unique view of the world but also released limited collaboration items like skate, tote bags and T-shirts.


Diamond Supply Co. x Project Blitz x Retna

Super cool collaboration was available only at ComplexCon 2017!


Puma’s booth was buzzing with activity featuring by some hip-hop artists, include A$AP Twelvvy, Diamond Supply founder Nick Diamond and photographer Thomas Falcone.

Visitors to the booth enjoyed taking pictures at special photo space.



Yes, this is RipNDip!

RipNDip had an outstanding view of the world and they released limited ComplexCon exclusive capsule collection.


Never Made debuted their hand-distressed vintage Levi’s jackets this year.

All the vintage Levi’s jackets are sourced from thrift shops throughout the year. Each jacket is then stylized and handmade. Super dope.


At the NIKE booth, basketball super stars, Kobe Bryant and Kendrick Lamar sat together and chat about how basketball and hip-hop music influence their lives.

What a special experience for fans!


Both days had night concerts in the ComplexCon Arena. Many famous artists, including Cucci Mane, M.I.A and DJ Khaled performed and delivered amazing performances and vibes.

Callahan-Bever, one of the masterminds behind the birth of ComplexCon said, “I’m just so proud to see 50,000 young people motivated to come out and engage with our brand.”

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Pas de Mer Streetwear latest collection – From Italia with love.

coverPas de Mer, a premium Italian streetwear brand that is making fashion headlines, conceives graphics that are both ridiculously imaginative while being too clever for its own good.23131223_2017213455164533_89098331_oIn fall/winter 2017, they use the red Harrington jacket with tiny hand-stitched ballerina graphics is next-level cool.23157805_2017225985163280_1182359796_oPas de Mer continues to surprise with its bold vision, this time distilling contemporary streetwear influences through a mod-revival aesthetic.

23157990_2017225988496613_1901980438_o 23134996_2017219838497228_1099491183_o

Want to learn more about this collection from fall/winter 2017?:




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Stylish FALL 2017 Collection from RASTACLAT



Starting in Long Beach, California from the roots of the action sports, art, music and street culture, RASTACLAT has been loved by anyone who likes the spirit of Positive Vibrations. They make people being positive and feel free when wearing their amazing bracelets.

Rastaclat has had many collaborations, including ones with pop culture characters or NBA styles, which adds to the cool factor of the brands. However, for the upcoming fall collection, they successfully took another step — or wrist — forward.

This innovative new line will keep you positive, and stylish, this season!
Are you ready to wear their new vibrations?



You’ll see that the new classic bracelet has 5 color variations and is made of suede leather that goes great with fall styles.


More dark colors in this collection go with any outfit of the season.



Their new Knotaclat Bracelets are nature focused. You’ll feel at one with nature rocking the green wax Meadallion Knotaclat or any of their rich new colors.

Don’t miss on this styling new collection, and enjoy your Positive Vibrations with Rastaclat!

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Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 7.21.02 PM

A love of sport, a spirit of innovation and uncompromised quality. Champion’s principles have never changed since 1919.



Champion is truly authentic athletic apparel; it’s in their culture, their heritage and their DNA.

Champion’s core spirit never changed, but their quality and designs get even better all of the time.

Now that their coolest fall 17 collections have been released, let’s check them out!

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 7.33.56 PM

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 7.55.36 PM

The Champion sweatshirt is the easiest way to be cool, and warm, is all seasons.

And the new Champion reverse weaves GF70 has more color variations and invokes ’90s street style!

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 7.38.32 PM

Fashion trends  always comes around, and history repeats itself.

So welcome back, as Champion releases their coolest overalls this fall. Comfort is King (and Queen), and Champion knows you have to look good and feel good.

These overalls are  not only stylish, but uber comfortable because of their fleece and cotton blend.

Don’t forget to check in limited edition styles, new and special run colors!

photo8     photo10

Now, are you ready for the upcoming chilly days?

No? Well check out Champion’s latest Sherpa Hoodie. Made from a super soft Sherpa-like fabric and is finished off with a pocket on the front, this hoodie comes in a relaxed fit complete with the big “C” logo. You’ll feel comfortable, warm and … beyond stylish.

Champion makes you the style champ, so for more information on Champion Life Fall 17 collection,  visit

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Discovering the Gems at Agenda 2017

Agenda 2017

 Discovering the Gems at Agenda 2017

Discovering the Gems at Agenda 2017


Agenda is the most diverse and creative lifestyle fashion trade show in the world. It’s where passion profits and the business of creativity is curated in a truly inventive environment. Agenda’s reach includes six shows, in three cities, expertly accurate with over 1,000 brands and a recurring brand-building conference. Buyers, brands, investors, distributors and media descend upon Agenda from around the globe.
Now let’s start our Agenda Long Beach virtual tour:


Agenda Photos-SU17-09

The Agenda of Agenda

Interesting right! This poster attracted the visitors, placed by Loser Machine Company.

Agenda Photos-SU17-04 CROWD

Hola, Join the Crowd!

A place to discover all things streetwear, lifestyle and the latest in urban fashion.. Amazing! People from all over the U.S. and throughout the world had meet-and-greets and made new friends. The Lula Crew did the same and enjoyed connecting with old friends and hanging out with new buds.

Agenda Photos-SU17-17 DOG LTD

Funny times! Headwear collections, one which was noticed by all.


Because life all about having fun and not take yourself too seriously

Agenda Photos-SU17-26 RTC

“Rastaclat” Spreading the Positive Vibrations

Rastaclat is a symbol of righteousness,

Doing good for yourself and others.

We believe that positive action

Can change lives, inspire confidence,

And unite us as human beings.

This is so true … and so cool.

Agenda Photos-SU17-24 RTC

Okay, ladies … how cute are these?

Agenda Photos-SU17-11

No description needed; the picture says more than enough.Agenda Photos-SU17-10 BP

HA! This is more than a big idea … it’s big-time fun and a perfect pick for travelers.


Agenda Photos-SU17-12

Randy the Cobbler

Randy is an3rd-generation cobbler from Arizona. He is creating his exclusive, one-of–a-kind footwear for true sneaker heads.

Agenda Photos-SU17-21 PMT

Primitive Skateboarding

A perfect place for skaters; a perfect place for streetwear., and they captured everyone’s attention at Agenda 2017.

“Once you start your own brand … if your heart’s in the right place and you do the right thing with it, the idea is the brand will last longer than yourself. I can’t picture myself not having some type of involvement with skateboarding. At some point you’ve got to retire, but I still want to have some kind of connection and involvement because it’s all I know.”

~ Paul Rodriguez / Primitive

Agenda Photos-SU17-23 RTC

Say Cheese!

Pac-Man is one of the most popular video game characters ever, and he’s a positive little guy. So it makes perfect sense that he now shares the stage with Rastaclat, which is all about the Positive Vibrations.

Hope you all had fun on our tour, and we’ll see you all next blog time.


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The Hundreds x Jackson Pollock artist collaboration.

The Hundreds x Jackson Pollock artist collaboration in Los Angeles, California, July 7th, 2017.



“I want to express my feelings, not illustrate them”—Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock is one of Bobby Hundreds’s favorite artists: “You’d think that after centuries of artistic exploration, there’d be nothing new under the sun in terms of technique. But, pushed to the edge—both in medium and personal life—Jackson Pollock stumbled onto a new frontier. He recast painting for another generation of artists to dismantle, debate, and develop.”Bobby said.


Regarded as the “greatest living painter” during his lifetime, Jackson Pollock spearheaded the Abstract Expressionist movement by developing an energetic, radical style that changed the way we think about art today. “I have no fear of making changes, destroying the image, etc., because the painting has a life of its own. I try to let it come through.” -Jackson Pollock


A detail from Pollock’s paint-splattered studio floor appears as a graphic element throughout The Hundreds collection, which includes a canvas work jacket, a series of printed T-shirts, headwear, a skateboard deck, an ash tray, shorts, and a puzzle.


The collections slip the leash and stick to its own unique and unfettered, for this reason, the feeling expressed was authentic and sincerely.

The Hundreds x Jackson Pollock capsule collection will be available starting July 7th, at The Hundreds flagship stores, Online Shop, and select authorized retailers worldwide.


Go Skateboarding Day

Go Skateboarding Day event in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 21st.

21 (2)

Go Skateboard Day is a community event that provides a great opportunity for local amateur skateboarders at all ages to showcase their talents.


Casting off the compressive pressure, the skateboarders turned to simple pure kids who are passionate about skateboarding. They shared experience, talking with each other delightfully.


The host announced the event begin, the party began as well!






Each showed his special prowess and fearless, they challenged their limits repeatedly, skateboarders were surrounded by thunderous roars and cheers. At this point, skateboarders have been unable to distinguish between competitors and friend, the tense atmosphere was fully spread in the air, every single success has become a common joy.


Additionally, there are prizes and trophies awarded to the winners. These trophies are not merely a symbol of honor, but also of their friendship and the spirit of challenge.


Nothing can be delighter compared with spending time with people who share the same interests, time flies, without even noticed, the event was almost over. Skateboarders enjoyed themselves to the full and made a commitment to meet in next event.

Join us and have fun with interesting souls!


Crysp Denim is more than just a brand, it’s a way of life.


Crysp Denim was perfectly created for individuals who want to show their self-expression with quality clothing, on-trend designs that are fashionable yet affordable.

At Crysp, every piece is inspired by modern menswear, high fashion designs and urban styles.  The variety of denim styles are reflections of modern art, hip-hop, skate and fashion culture.

Crysp not only provides good price points, but also spot-on fits and quality you can feel through unique fabrications.






Crysp Denim is more than just a brand, it’s a way of life. Welcome to Crysp Denim. 



Street Union Hip Hop Party

This weekend, the party is going down in Hong Kong.

Our regional partner, Regain Hong Kong, have joined forces with Nathan Left Restaurant to create the “STREET UNION HIP-HOP PARTY,” featuring rappers, MC’s and DJ’s, as well as dancing scene to get your body rockin’ and your smiles poppin’! Besides partying, come check out some cool American streetwear brands such as Rastaclat, Visual Apparel and Crysp Denim. With a line-up of clothing brands and talent like this, you won’t want to miss out on the fun this weekend!”



Time: 27/5 (Sat) 22:00 till latenight
G/F & 1/F, Hart Avenue Plaza,5-9 Hart Ave. TST

See you there! Or if you’re not in the area, come check out the recap here on our blog following the event.