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Boundless NY is a cultural melting pot of media, music and clothing. Boundless NY was founded on the hard work and independent spirit of its employees. We encompass the past, the present and the future of this lifestyle. We represent the unlimited opportunities of the creative, motivated youth.

Boundless New York是媒體,音樂和服裝的文化大熔爐。Boundless New York建立在其員工的辛勤工作和獨立的精神。

Boundless NY: Winter 2010

Taking us on a fantastic journey across America in the mid seventies is Boundless NY’s winter 2010 collection. The collection ties together rugged workwear inspired garments with a fresh east coast touch. Updated through the use of musical and cultural references of today, the collection reflects the brand’s counter culture spirit and love for the outdoors. Grab your favorite piece from the capsule while available through select retailers.

Boundless NY Radio Feature

Keeping to their hard work ethics and sophisticated new products, Boundless NY Radio has been up and running since the merging of King Stampede. To soften up the work-load for the week, we give you this brief video featuring a one of New York’s best DJ’s, Clark Kent. The clip gives some insight into his humble beginnings and passion for music.

Boundless Radio Presents: DJ Clark Kent (Part 3) from Kellen Dengler on Vimeo.

Boundless Radio is Back!

Since the merging of King Stampede and Boundless New York, many great things have resulted from the movement. Among these things is the revival of a true classic, Boundless Radio. Music and streetwear are completely complimentary to one another and in many cases music influences the streetwear industry in a big way. Here’s a short story that’s sure to inspire people…

Boundless Radio Presents: Big City Records – JBX from Kellen Dengler on Vimeo.

Attention! Introducing the Boundless NY Clothing Brand

Sharing a similar culture and goals, Boundless NY and King Stampede have announced the merging of their companies under one name. Taking effect immediately, King Stampede will now operate under the identity of streetwear powerhouse, Boundless NY. This is good news for both, since the movement coincides with two NY storefronts, an online store, radio program, and official skateboard team represented by non other than Daniel Castillo and Danny Supa.

Boundless NY will make its first official Debut in Winter 2010 with a strong menswear collection. The collection is said to have a vintage feel brought on by mid seventies work wear inspired garments. This collection will definitely bring something new to the table for everyone so stay posted for further news. Contact us for more info.