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Stay Warm This Winter, Stay Awesome All Seasons With “CLEAR WEATHER”

For those of you on the lookout for the latest footwear trend with a futuristic, yet classic style, you will need to experience premium collection by the Clear Weather brand. The brand had only made its debut less then a year ago, but it has already received massive success and popularity across the US. The Clear Weather brand is now available in Taiwan and continue to grow throughout Asia Pacific.  LULA101 is excited for its latest brand partner, as it has created the new experience of premium footwear for all, at an accessible price point.

Clear Weather Box Logo - Black -I9Q14aGqN0fkiuc2Tdanqcvc2a8Y8sx8CHDQxOjI72Q

The three-liner design of the Clear Weather icon is an actual Native American heritage symbol, that translates the meaning of “Clear Weather”.

With combined practical experience immersed in footwear of over 33 years, the Clear Weather brand was founded by two brothers Josh and Brandon Brubaker. Before the partnership took the market by the storm, Josh curated 100% of the design for Supra footwear from the brands inception in 2006. Brandon also started as a designer at Vans in 1994 and transitioned to the design director for Converse, then established executive position as the VP of design at the Supra footwear.

0k7ytzF6d9ALazEnw5rv05pLlY7sj2upqrJF8I_g2K0-6bqA7wEYBxWbPw6F9fs2oq2Q-LLi6Hzmudj2fe-nAUWith focus in contemporary lifestyle, Clear Weather prepares 2015 holiday season with complete lineup for fans to embrace. Playing with clean lines, classic color blocking and premium fabrication and materials, Clear Weather offers premium styles at an accessible price point. This makes them stand out from the crowd of over-priced sneakers, and cheap quality shoes commonly found in the market places today.clearweather imageClear Weather offers several iconic collections with diverse styles: LAKOTA, EVEREST, EIGHTTY, ONE-O-ONE, NINETY, ONE-TEN and ONE-THIRTY

clear weather image3 clear weather image2 clearweather image1

Clear Weather demonstrates a strong brand presence at renown footwear stores , and voice the trendsetting premium SNEAKER fashion, being worn by celebrities like Justin Bieber, Sahara Ray, etc.

Clear weather image 4

Based on genuine values and unique style, the vibrant Clear Weather brand was crowned as “Best in Show Award for Best Footwear Brand in 2015” by the Agenda Trade Show.

clear weather award clear weather image 5

Stay tuned for Clear Weather’s official launch across Asia Pacific! If you haven’t experienced the Clear Weather brand, you are missing out!


Clear Weather Brand Shop- In- Shop in Taipei

HOPES, our fashion-forward retail store in Taiwan, has teamed up with premium footwear brand, Clear Weather, a lifestyle footwear brand independently owned and operated by brothers Josh and Brandon Brubaker, for an exciting shop-in-shop. This special happening, which takes place only in July, connects to the official launch of Clear Weather in Taiwan.

The unique set-up in HOPES for Clear Weather combines a modern and fresh look in a setting that highlights the brand’s story. From the store’s displays and graphics to its art and product presentations, HOPES’s shop-in-shop is the perfect setting for you to experience how Clear Weather shoes can ramp up your style profile!


Clear Weather’s online presence is progressively increasing and is said to be the next new thing. Celebrities, taste makers, bloggers, etc. are all big fans of this new brand. Clear Weather has been featured on BANG! and COOL magazines, and e-Zine like Juksy, Overdope, Masterhands, Keedan and Mixfit.

clear weather
11659382_422056981312299_1591092740509830188_nIf you’re lucky enough to be in Taiwan, then go check out the new shop- in shop while you can! Clear Weather Brand Taiwan Location: 4Fl., No. 77, Section 2, Wuchang St, Wanhua District, Taipei 108, Taiwan

Map it.


Lula’s successful AGENDA 101

The most diverse and creative lifestyle fashion trade show in the world, Agenda Show, was held in Long Beach on July 8 and 9. Located between LA and OC, Long Beach is the perfect spot for Agenda because of the abundance of action sports, lifestyle and streetwear brands in Southern California. Agenda showcases more than 750 brands, including contemporary, women’s, accessories, action sports, outdoor, footwear, and both surf/ skate hard products.IMG_0071

Bringing the coolest brand into the Asian market, as always, Lula 101 went to check out this innovative experience. Some of the brands’ reps and owners that we had a chance to meet up with included CLSC, Civil, REBEL8, Rastaclat, Black Scale, Clear Weather, MishkaDOPE, and In4mation.





IMG_0280REBEL8’s booth was amazing with its wall made up of four layers including a CRT television (pictured below). Incredibly creative with a retro feel to it. One of the TVs was showing the video (Taiwandering with Joshy ) we shot when Joshy visited Taiwan in 2014.


Along with all of the brands on display, there is no shortage of food, music, entertainment and people-watching to keep attendees entertained.IMG_0248

Agenda show helps Lula continue delivering Service, Styles and Smiles to our customers. We can’t wait to visit next show and hang out with all of our awesome partners again … including my friend, Mishka’s Giant Bootleg Kaiju!


The “Clear Weather Brand” – Part2

Our previous article presented the story and history behind the Clear Weather Brand. If haven’t read it yet, don’t miss out!

Today, LULA will be introducing their collection with some cool images.



Maritime inspired low top shoe with a unique collar shape, rear lace detail. Ultra soft rubber cupsole , sidewall stitch with the casket design bottom tread. 



Classic inspired low top with a unique collar shape, rear d-ring / leather detail. Ultra soft rubber cupsole , sidewall stitch with the casket design bottom tread.



Outdoor inspired high top with a unique collar shape, rear d-ring / leather tassel detail. Ultra soft rubber cupsole with sidewall stitch.



Moccasin inspired 1/4 mid top. Unique collar shape with a fringe collar overlay, adjustable toggle for fit and wax rope laces. Ultra soft rubber cupsole , sidewall stitch with the casket design bottom tread



Asymmetrical – classic combat inspired lateral design , futuristic sneaker boot medial design and a leather heel pull casket detail. Ultra soft rubber cupsole , sidewall stitch with the casket design bottom tread.

You will have various options to choose from if you’re a silhouette-picky person. Clear Weather is definitely one of the best footwear brand in terms of quality and design. They are coming in strong, and we do not want the Asian market to miss this trend.

LULA is currently carrying Clear Weather to the Asian market, contact us for more info!

The “Clear Weather Brand” – Part1



You might wonder what this mark means…this mark is a native American totem that actually represents: “Clear Weather”.

Clear Weather is a California-based latest independent footwear brand founded by Brubaker brothers. After two decades of working for some of the biggest footwear company, they launched this brand to seek their design.


Their mission is to bring true design and craftsmanship to the masses, and also create a familiar, digestible silhouette that feels, looks, and is special. Clear Weather features unique, vintage inspired products with a futuristic feel, while offering excellent craftsmanship at an accessible price.

Image 2

You might not notice at the beginning, but you will notice the details once wearing it. All of the Clear Weather shoes are made out of the best full-grain leathers, pig suedes, textiles.

On the next article, we will take you deeper to their collections. We promise you will like them like we do. Don’t miss it!

Click HERE for Part 2!