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Celebrate Originality and Lifestyle at AGENDA SHOW ’16 Long Beach



Two Days, over 750 brands represented, with thousands attendees to witness the latest and trendiest Spring/Summer 2016 collection, AGENDA Show had over ruled Long Beach, California and it is the most diverse and creative lifestyle fashion trade show in the world!

The concept of AGENDA Show is to embrace each originality and lifestyle of the brand, with the emphasis on communicating the story and inspiration behind each product. It is “…where passion becomes profit and the business of creativity is conducted in a truly authentic environment…”

With much organic excitement waiting to be explored, LULA 101 and Regain International had been invited to experience this annual festivity and preview what is coming for lifestyle, streetwear, action sports, outdoor, footwear and various  of other cool apparels.

Buckle down and take a deep breath, it is going to be a thrilling ride along with Team LULA!

[CIVIL REGIME] “The Fight Worth Fighting”


[CLSC] “Perfect Your Craft”






Team LULA with the one and only Bobby Hundreds – founder of THE HUNDREDS.

[The MELIN Brand] “This Is Earned”


Team LULA/Regain Taiwan posted with co-founders: Brian McDonell and Corey Roth, and the newest collection “Water-Melin” in the tank. Coming Soon in 2016

[RASTACLAT] Spreading Positive Vibrations – One Wrist At A Time


Team LULA/Regain Taiwan posted with Mr. Rastaclat: Daniel Kasidi





AGENDA Show is filled with creative vibe, awesome energy and fantastic collections for 2016! Along with our global partners and team of outstanding staff members, LULA101 will continue to deliver latest STYLE and quality SERVICE, with bright SMILES across Asia Pacific for you.


#CROOKSFEMME FALL ’15 Collection Lookbook

It’s all about GIRL POWER for #CROOKSFEMME FALL ’15 Collection presented by CROOKS & CASTLES.  The art of vandalism and the spirit of free expression are been fully illustrated through this trendy collection.

The new #CROOKSFEMME FALL ’15 Collection provides the platform to push women’s streetwear forward. It’s hard to deny the sweet addiction, from the moment you first lay your eyes on them!

This collection offers delicious rang from pastel chalk colors, handcrafted graffiti, and guerilla styled graphics on custom elastic, sports bras, jerseys, and a novelty tyvek anorak for the femme fatales inside every lady.

It’s all about the GIRL POWER! LULA is proud to present the sneek-peek at this season’s Lookbook! Come and join the virtual tour of CROOKS & CASTLES newest collection!


This fall season takes to pastel colors, handcrafted graffiti, and guerrilla styled graphics on custom elastic.



Check out CROOKS & CASTLES to find more styles in sports bras, sweaters, stylish t-shirts, tank tops and some leggings. Many perfect options for sporting days or active outings with friends.  It’s all about GIRL POWER with casual style and comfortable materials! 




The most innovative highlight for this new collection, undoubtedly, is the Tyvek anorak for the femme fatales inside every day!




LULA presents these perfect outfits for the everyday FEMME lifestyle…

ck12-780x520 ck3-780x520

Great collection for the season!

Do not forget to pick your favorite outfits for this Fall! No Girlfriends Let Their Femme Friends Miss Out!

Want more info about CROOKS & CASTLES? Contact us! Girl Power!

Only pros with PROSXCONS

Crooks & Castles collaboration with Pro Era has launched and is a huge hit. Crooks did not just stop a their Connoisseur collection for Summer 2015, but also created this awesome collab. Pro Era New York hip- hop collective is one of the leaders of the new school in music. Pro Era turned their tour merchandise into being street wear vendors as well. With both brands being heavily invested in hip- hop culture, there is no doubt that these clean, co- branded pieces will sell.

The range of ProsxCons includes logo t- shirts, hats, hoodies, and crew neck sweaters. Styled from Pro Era’s roots, the colorways are red, green, and black for a Rasta inspired color scheme. Pro Era movement and Joey Bada$$ continue to influence kids worldwide. Crooks & Castles consider themselves a true LA band and are advocates of hip- hop along with the appreciation of emerging brands like Pro Era. We encourage and support great street wear brands like C & C and love to see other brands like Pro Era continue to grow!

pro-era-x-pro-era-x-croRasta colors make for an excellent color palette and design! You can see how they mixed the two logos of Pro Era and Crooks and Castles here.

crooks-castles-crooks-castles-pro-era-collection-09 This picture captures Pro Era repping PROSXCONS with swag.

pro-era-x-crook-How sick is this graphic rendition of the statue of liberty!

CROOKS & CASTLES released the newest collection; “Connoisseur”

Waiting for another Summer collection that Lula distributes into Asia? CROOKS & CASTLES released their summer collection titled “Connoisseur.”

Take a brief tour of their mini lookbook below!


The Connoisseur collection encompasses the different elements of vice that takes place during the summer.

The Crooks aspect of the brand offers the “Nightstalkers” concept displayed through linear designs and heritage Medusa prints.

The Castles aspect of the brand offers racing and boating inspired elements. They use moto jersey fabrics and nautical prints to inspire the experiences of summer.


The craftsmanship brings excitement of summer through a progressive appeal, while maintaining the luxury of leisure and comfort that translates the Crooks lifestyle.


The photo shoot captured on various film formats, by photographer Nick Goldstein, adds the perfect complement to the modern vintage vibe spread throughout the collection.


Want more info about CROOKS & CASTLES? Contact us!


Crooks & Castles

Crooks and Castles just released their new collection called LEWDS, named after Chris Lewds (RIP), who held the marketing director position. They had a party to showcase their work and were sponsored by Hennessy V.S. The co- founder, Dennis Calvero, shares how the brand has a heavy hip- hop influenced. They infuse hip- hop into their apparel designs, but explain that it is who they are and what they represent.


Many celebrities have worn Crooks and Castles, popularizing their brand even more. Jay- Z was featured in the New York post wearing C&C apparel. Kanye West has a collaboration shirt with C&C in Complex Magazine. Lupe Fiasco is also a big part of the brand and Calvero explains that they are buddies and he has really helped make their brand well- known. C&C caters to men and women, expanding the brand. The group of people who put together this brand grew up in the hood in LA and always had a villainous nature. They put together “crooks” because it referred to criminals, hustlers, pimps, etc. C&C added “castles” because the crooks got money to own a castle.


For more checkout their social media: