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Season of HOPES: Change the world with ART

Month of November is a season to reflect and appreciate. At LULA101,  it is an opportunity to celebrate the founding inspirations behind each lifestyle brands, and appreciate the prosperous partnerships began with simple dreams and big HOPES.

It’s never an easy task to start a business venture. The entrepreneurial spirit requires strong heart, solid demeanor and broad vision to achieve any levels of success. When an adventure is devoted for social missions and community values, this would require bigger heart, stronger determination and greater selflessness to truly make the differences. The good deeds give us greater returns in appreciation, fulfillment and achievement. LULA101 is proud to present the story of DENIK.denik bundleThe inspirational story of DENIK began with a few college pals from Utah State University, and it has been blossomed from a grassroots street team of book-slingers to creative artsy-ecletic masterminds. DENIK provides books to customers, corporations and clients across the globe. The mission is a simple one, and with a mighty heart: To sell art work and use portions of the proceeds to help build schools around the globe.

denik school denik school1

denik school3 denik school5

denik school4In 2015, DENIK has teamed up with hard working partners and roll-up their sleeves to make their dreams of building schools a reality. “The Denik Middle School” has opened its door in Zambougou, Mali. The safe heaven would empower the children of Mali by expending educational opportunities within their own communities. Before the tears of joy could dry off, DENIK team is already vowing for more schools to come, as this is just the beginning of a great mission!

Since the dawn of this millennium, LULA101 has been providing the coolest apparel and accessories brands to Asian markets. With distinctive niche in encompassing celebrated American original and designer brands, and collections to the ever-expanding market places, LULA101 is proud to stand by DENIK and serve as a global partner for the great cause.

The partnership offers collaborations for Asian market places, each special collection offers the fans to experience the artistic creativity and be part of this global community.  Each project brought DENIK closer to the regional grassroots following, and expand to various of market opportunities for the brand.

Founded in the great state of Utah, DENIK is now one of the feature brands been embraced at the premium HOPES lifestyle retail platform in Ximending (Taipei City) – the trendsetting fashion district of Taiwan. With an inviting floor plan and inventive decor, HOPES store is an established trendy stage with big spotlight and vibrant energy. It is a regional popular destination, and an exclusive venue to experience the latest American original collections.SBCUSTOM-Hopes_75sheet-copyIn November, as the HOPES store is celebrating its first Anniversary with friends and partners around the world, DENIK offered its warmest wishes and strongest support for more prosperous years to come.

HOPES denik

denik flag notebook denik notebook denik notebook1

In the wintry season to reflect and appreciate,  LULA101, Regain International and HOPES Taiwan want to express the sincere appreciation to Tyler T.  and the DENIK team for the continuous support and genuine partnership.



Denik gathers artists from across the globe and puts their work on journals, notebooks, sketchbooks, as Denik believes art can change the world. A portion from every notebook purchased goes to fund building schools in developing countries. Not only do the schools get funding, but a portion of the profit also helps to support the artist to continue using their talents to make this world a better place.denik+video+image+without+play+button

Reach, a veteran artist from Taiwan pushes Taiwanese graffiti to the international platform through the Pow Wow Taiwan event, and dedicates his life to graffiti. His art is clean and well- crafted along with clear colors. Reach’s art can range from simple to complicated art forms and he always amazes us. Denik and Reach collaborative notebook is helping Reach with his graffiti tour in Taiwan. The purpose of this “All City Tour” is for Reach to travel to every single city in Taiwan, and leave his graffiti art, legally, on noticeable buildings.11666308_937041969673067_4716147211530245421_n

Lula 101 made this collaboration possible by referring Reach to Denik. We, like Denik, truly believe that art can change the world. This collaborative notebook was made in the U.S. with recycled paper, and came in with a regular size and a pocket size, exclusively sold at Hopes (Lula directly owned retail). evyjl35Cjt6O8hjoJENJxuvK1niZJPEAEwlK-cEjN9Q

Lula and Denik are supporting him on this tour and all the profits earned on this notebook will fund Reach on his trip. We wish the best of luck to him and cannot wait to see his art through out Taiwan. Here are a few work done:


10953190_938160872894510_4944873399450961501_n11695520_940052052705392_6207535672211319203_nHelp us support Denik x Reach and encourage artists globally to pursue their passion! Shop here (in NT$).