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Famous Stars and Straps

Travis Barker, the drummer for Blink- 182, founded Famous Stars and Straps fifteen years ago. It is based in Ontario, California and influenced by music genres: punk, rock, and hip- hop. This brand has had so much success since it first started in 1999. FSAS has their own “family” of a mix of people who support each other in anything they do. This is a highly respected brand in BMX, skate, motorcycle arenas, and MMA. Many of the team members of FSAS are involved in these sports.


FSAS is a lifestyle brand and a movement. It is international and everyone is loving the brand, considering it has been successful for 15 years now. Multiple celebrities have worn this brand helping the growth even more. The famous “F” logo for this brand represents a “badge of honor.”


This brand grew rapidly because of the popularity of Travis Barker. All his fans from Blink- 182 bought the apparel and accessories immediately. Although Barker still has to go on tour and has a big music career, he communicates with the members of FSAS. Barker keeps up with the brand and makes it all about the team. They are in this together and satisfying customers with this epic street wear company.


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