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Go Skateboarding Day

Go Skateboarding Day event in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 21st.

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Go Skateboard Day is a community event that provides a great opportunity for local amateur skateboarders at all ages to showcase their talents.


Casting off the compressive pressure, the skateboarders turned to simple pure kids who are passionate about skateboarding. They shared experience, talking with each other delightfully.


The host announced the event begin, the party began as well!






Each showed his special prowess and fearless, they challenged their limits repeatedly, skateboarders were surrounded by thunderous roars and cheers. At this point, skateboarders have been unable to distinguish between competitors and friend, the tense atmosphere was fully spread in the air, every single success has become a common joy.


Additionally, there are prizes and trophies awarded to the winners. These trophies are not merely a symbol of honor, but also of their friendship and the spirit of challenge.


Nothing can be delighter compared with spending time with people who share the same interests, time flies, without even noticed, the event was almost over. Skateboarders enjoyed themselves to the full and made a commitment to meet in next event.

Join us and have fun with interesting souls!

FREE August ’10 Issue of Juxtapoz

It gives us great pleasure to see the artwork of Mexican tattoo artist Jeronimo Lopez Ramirez on the cover of the August Juxtapoz Magazine issue. Otherwise known as “Dr Lakra,” Jeronimo re-invents classic printed material images by drawing over them and therefore giving them new life under a new medium. Below are some of the images included within the feature. While quantities last, Asian accounts can get a FREE copy of the issue with their request.


For the second time in its history, a FIFA World CupTM is accompanied by a major official licensed art project. FIFA worked with 17 international artists who have a special relation to Africa create extraordinary work on football for the Official Art Poster Edition 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa.
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Akira Yamaguchi, was one of the artists commissioned, is currently one of the most hyped artists in Japan andhas taken the country’s art world by storm.Q Taro is a figure from a famous Japanese manga of the 1960’s.

David Choe “Nothing to Declare” Glimpse

Previously we gave you the heads up on David Choe’s latest endeavor. If you’ve been on the edge on deciding whether to attend David Choe’s latest exhibit “Nothing to Declare,” here are a few pictures to convince you. The pictures were taken from a private viewing of the show that just kicked off this weekend. The exhibition embodies Choe’s twisted vision of the world based on his own crazy experiences. Whether your a fan of art or not, this show definitely something to check out if your in the Beverly Hills area. The show runs from April 23- May 23rd.

320-330 North Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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Interview With Boogie: The American Dream

Below is a strong image many of us might recognize. As part of the insightful Annals of Americus series, Matthew Newton had the privilege to interview one of the most expressive photographers of this decade. Serbian-born photographer and Upper Playground crew member, Boogie gives us an inside scoop into his life in America and his work. Unlike many photographers, Boogie’s passion has gained him access to some of the world’s most treacherous environments. His photographs evoke strong feelings that resonate in peoples’ minds through truthfully documenting a vivid picture of reality. Boogie is truly an icon whose photographs surpass gender and race issues and speak to the heart. For full interview, click on the image below.
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