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Season of HOPES: Anniversary of An Awaking Dream

HOPE PIC ONE“Hope is Waking Dream.” – Aristotle

Dreams vary in size, scope and intensity. Some may be shared, and perhaps others are best kept secret. But we’re talking about HOPES here, so we can happily share our big dreams, and hopes, with you.

The dream of HOPES began in founder Sherry Lu’s mind before she ever made her first HOPES store a reality in the working class city of Gardena in Southern California shortly after we entered a new millennium. Well, we survived Y2K, and the dreams kept growing. While that first HOPES was nothing in comparison to today’s incredible Taipei showcase store, it marked the beginning of good things becoming great things, and an understanding that with vision, hard work and a “We Can Do It!” spirit, dreams do come true.Gardena-Hopes-1024x671Growing up in Taiwan in a family with little money, Sherry decided early on that she could do things differently. And although her parents would have agreed that out of many kids, this one was indeed different, they didn’t think at the time it was a good thing. Today, even her parents realize that Sherry’s uniqueness is what led to her success.

Sherry had big ideas, and a big love for American culture.  From old western movies, to English radio programs, she seized each moment possible to hone her English-speaking skills – even trying it out on unsuspecting American teen Mormon boys who were in Taiwan on their religious missions. Today, she wonders if these boys ever traded in their dark suits and white dress shirts for something a little more stylish, like graffiti-inspired streetwear.

She continued to hone her business and language skills, including picking up a conversational knowledge of Japanese. At the same time, she also developed her passion for U.S. fashion and lifestyle brands, and HOPES U.S.A. was soon born.

Beginning with that little boutique in Garden Grove, to thinking bigger and creating LULA 101, today the waking dream is reality, and HOPES Taiwan is the place in trendsetting Ximending to experience the latest in American youth-oriented fashion. The combination of popular and emerging brands are inspired from skateboarding and graffiti to tattoos, music and art. Launched in 2014, HOPES gives Taiwan’s style setters a reason to smile. And the best is yet to come.8OkcK_a6Q9XRKuUfX7mq9GBqHrw6RxfXKcSs8ZEopTkWith an innovative layout and inventive décor, HOPES has unprecedented leverage within the international distribution pipeline. The flagship store is an exclusive venue to showcase the latest American original collections, and on November 12, 2015, HOPES Taiwan its one-year anniversary to celebrate inspirations and the valued partnerships that made the dream real.

Please join us!