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Reach for the Stars for More In4mation

The Big Island of Hawai’i is In4mation‘s canvas for their Spring 2015 look book. In4mation’s humble beginnings stem from Hawaii and these photos showcase the laid-back vibe of the brand photographed across untouched Hawaiian scenery.


The word “Hi” is not only an abbreviation for Hawai’i, but the local greeting in the islands.


The classic cross bone logos remind us to enjoy life while we’re young.


Even the local logs are friendly to the native “Hi” snap backs.


In4mation is the perfect transition from outdoor to indoor rock star. Doing what you love, wearing the brands you love, it’s as simple as that!

_DSC4961 copy

Featured here is Mauna Kea, the only mountain in Hawai’i whose elevation is high enough to produce snow.


The star exhibit in Hawai’i is a mythical place that reminds us to continue reaching for the stars!

Check out Got a Case of the Blues from a girl who lives in Hawaii.


Information on IN4MATION

Aloha! It’s that time of year in the hot summer months to mess around at the local skate park or go for a quick surf sesh. With In4mation being rooted in the island of Hawai’i, it easily represents this active lifestyle. In4mation’s summer 2015 collection is out and on the prowl with a variety of hats, graphic t- shirts, some cut- and- sew pieces along with an extraordinary military field jacket.

in4m 2

In4mation’s store name and plus symbol logo came about to represent its unique bond and signify their positive outlook. This group of 4 guys originally ran a skate shop and found an opportunity to take their love for skating/ surfing and take it to another level focusing on the fashion aspect of their lifestyle. In4mation’s motto, “I Shall Proceed and Continue,” was influenced by a hip- hop band that serves to follow their chosen paths and to keep moving forward. We admire In4mation’s motto, attitude, and are excited to continue growing with them.



Evan Mock, a 17- year old local skater from North Shore, perfectly fits into In4mation’s lifestyle and is their “It” guy for the summer 2015 look book. It displays the epitome of Hawaiian life, with surfing, boating, skating, beautiful scenery, and unreal adventures. Hawai’i is not the most fashion forward location, but In4mation, being one of Hawai’i’s leading urban retailers, is changing this movement. We cannot wait to see the future of this unique and original brand, be sure to check them out! Contact us for more In4mation, shoots and Mahalo!

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Lula’s successful AGENDA 101

The most diverse and creative lifestyle fashion trade show in the world, Agenda Show, was held in Long Beach on July 8 and 9. Located between LA and OC, Long Beach is the perfect spot for Agenda because of the abundance of action sports, lifestyle and streetwear brands in Southern California. Agenda showcases more than 750 brands, including contemporary, women’s, accessories, action sports, outdoor, footwear, and both surf/ skate hard products.IMG_0071

Bringing the coolest brand into the Asian market, as always, Lula 101 went to check out this innovative experience. Some of the brands’ reps and owners that we had a chance to meet up with included CLSC, Civil, REBEL8, Rastaclat, Black Scale, Clear Weather, MishkaDOPE, and In4mation.





IMG_0280REBEL8’s booth was amazing with its wall made up of four layers including a CRT television (pictured below). Incredibly creative with a retro feel to it. One of the TVs was showing the video (Taiwandering with Joshy ) we shot when Joshy visited Taiwan in 2014.


Along with all of the brands on display, there is no shortage of food, music, entertainment and people-watching to keep attendees entertained.IMG_0248

Agenda show helps Lula continue delivering Service, Styles and Smiles to our customers. We can’t wait to visit next show and hang out with all of our awesome partners again … including my friend, Mishka’s Giant Bootleg Kaiju!


In4mation Fall – Untamed Youth!


In4mation is excited to announce the release of their upcoming fall line, which debuted on the October 11th. For more than 10 years, In4mation has been redefining the streetwear scene in the islands with their iconic apparel and designs.

For the upcoming fall season, the team at In4m drew their inspiration from the theme of “Untamed Youth.” According to Keith Kanagusuku, In4mation’s creative director, this line was all about referencing the carefree and plenty-of-attitude years that forged a chapter in so many of our collective lives.

“The season’s line was inspired by the music and iconic-inspired graphics that feed off the energy of the theme of Untamed Youth. “There’s a lot of great pieces, but some of my favorites are our ‘Untamed Youth’ tee, which depicts a lot of attitude,” says Kanagasuku. “I’m also pretty partial to our ‘Worship’ tee, which pays homage to having a few drinks after a long day’s work.”


In4mation x Illest 2013 Spring/Summer Collection


將In4mation的交叉骨頭標誌改成汽車扳手,與Illest一同融入在汽車的世界中.喜愛In4mation跟Illest的朋友們請注意 … 此聯名系列為配合五月十九號的Hawaii’s Hella Flush Car Show,所以五月十八號起便可以在各大In4mation的零售店或是In4mation的獻上In4mation跟Illest限量T-shirt!

Hawaii-based streetwear staple In4mation has collaborated with Californian car culture enthusiasts Illest on a special pocket T-Shirt. Showing off both brands’ disposition towards streetwear, In4mation’s cross-bone logo gets rehashed into wrenches, nodding at Illest’s DIY motifs in the automotive world. Coming just in time for Hawaii’s Hella Flush Car Show on May 19, the T-shirt will be released in limited supply at the car show alongside In4mation retailers and the In4mation online store from May 18 onwards. From Hypebeast: Arthur Bray

Lula’s IN4MATION Top Picks

Time to rock the weather and your outfits! IN4MATION combines fantastic street style which can be practical and fashionable at the same time. Check out this combination of some of our favorite items. Worldwide T-shirt (White) is made of cotton so that is makes you feel comfortable under any situation. The “Nuuanu Denim” jeans feature undeniable style with labeling of the “Hi” chain stitched on the back pocket. In addition, the IN4M x GOODWOOD NYU Hi Bracelet (Black) and the Hi New Era cap (Tan) are the perfect finishing accessories. For added style, add a IN4M x GOODWOOD Pin Set on your bags or favorite shirts to show everyone your down with In4mation.


In4mation is comprised of four partners, Ryan Arakaki, Todd Shimabuku, Jun Jo and Rhandy Tambio. The name In4mation and the “plus” logo mark symbolize a unique bond and signify In4mation’s positive outlook and welcoming attitudes attained by exploring varied paths of life. In4mation’s motto, “I SHALL PROCEED…AND CONTINUE” is a catch phrase taken from an influential hip-hop band that serves as a reminder to follow our chosen paths and to keep on moving forward.

IN4MATION由Ryan Arakaki, Todd Shimabuku, Jun Jo and Rhandy Tambio 這四人所創立,”IN4MATION” 和”+”LOGO 所期待正面及多彩多姿的態度。IN4MATION的座右銘,“我將持續並前進”,按照我們所選擇的路徑和保持前進的口號。



It took several months to come up with the special project with the good people of GoodWood NYC. This time the new idea is about how to utilize IN4MATION’S iconic “HI” logo as well as Crossbones logo with this project. There are a few necklaces, pendants, bracelets and pin set which will be release on Friday May 11.