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Release “The Gates Of Hell” – REBEL8 X MISHKA Collaboration

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

This exceptional collaboration by renowned tattoo artist Mike Giant and celebrated graphic illustrator Lamour Supreme is wowing streetwear fans globally with the release of “The Gates of Hell.”


Back by popular demand, this is not the first collaboration between two cool streetwear brands: Brooklyn, New York born – MISHKA and San Francisco, California found – REBEL8.

If this is your first time witnessing REBEL8 x MISHKA collaboration,  you really need to experience what you had missed in the previous sold out  collections! LULA Speaks has captured them all here!

R8+M collaboration-01Not only the brand values would seem easily to clash based on the obvious “West Coast vs East Coast” ordeal, this combination also represented a bit of stretch from two street cultures of the “Legion of Death Adders (MISHKA) to the “Lower Class Royalty (REBEL8). And yet, through this collaboration, you can find each distinct elements been boldly illustrated through each stroke of details. The creativity from each origin had been displayed fully in the fascinating colors and content, while truthfully reflected both genuine DNA in the complimenting harmony. Blog 01This rare piece of art is certainly proven to be a collector’s items, and it is for anyone who is seeking to preserve a piece of subculture history of our times. Along with limited quantity release in the USA on January 18th, 2016 , fans across Asia Pacific such as: Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan will have an opportunity to experience this collaboration.

_JJK9719The “GATES OF HELL” collection offers complete apparels collection for fans to embrace. Short Sleeve Tee Shirt (white /or black), Long Sleeve Crewneck Tee Shirt, and Zip-up Hoodie. The items WILL BE sold out, and you do not want to miss it!

Blog 02For more information regarding REBEL8 and MISHKA at your closest location across Asia Pacific, please contact LULA101.

Season of HOPES: Where Is Your Weird

Month of November is a season to reflect and appreciate. At LULA101,  it is an opportunity to celebrate the founding inspirations behind each lifestyle brands, and appreciate the prosperous partnerships began with simple dreams and big HOPES.

”born in Brooklyn, raised in Hell” since 2003, МИШКА is the lifestyle brand redefines the standard of popular value and challenges the qualification of norm. МИШКА is the brand celebrates the strangeness of the world, and bucks the exclusionary measures that have plagued anything labeled as “cool.” Anybody who has a passion for the unusual, divergent and strange will find a connection to МИШКА universe and its culture.


The humble beginning started as a print shop for cool t-shirts. In the past 12 years МИШКА has evolved into a popular alternative culture, and street trend that takes inspiration from 70s dark movies, horror comics books, hip hop, graffiti art and punk rock.

As the “МИШКА Fever” continues to spread, it began its infection across the Asia Pacific in 2004 and took regional fan base by the storm.

With nearly 15 years of expertise in regional trends and merchandise placement, LULA101 has held a distinctive niche in encompassing celebrated American original and designer brands, collections and accessories to the ever-expanding Asian-Pacific market places. Through LULA101‘s complete streamline solution, the МИШКА brand is available in 10 Asian countries, and continue to experience steady growth.


Through solid partnership and popular demand, the master minds behind МИШКА, Mikhail B. and Greg R., had conducted three Asia-Pacific tours in the past decade. Participated from regional events like “weird” pop-up shop, street sporting events to live artistic demonstrations, each tour provided first-hand opportunity to experience the local lifestyle trends and engage with regional grassroots following.


The brand was found in Brooklyn, МИШКА stores are now located in four international cities: Brooklyn, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Tokyo. Joined this exclusive club, МИШКА is one of the feature brands been embraced at the premium HOPES fashion retail platform in Ximending (Taipei City) – the trendsetting fashion district of Taiwan.


With an inviting floor plan and inventive decor, HOPES store is an established fashion stage with big spotlight and vibrant energy. It is a regional popular destination, and an exclusive venue to experience the latest American original collections.

In November, as the HOPES store is celebrating its first Anniversary with friends and partners around the world, the МИШКА brand was one of the front runners eager to extend its warmest wishes and strongest support for more prosperous years to come.


November is a season to reflect and appreciate,  LULA101, Regain International and HOPES Taiwan want to express their sincere appreciation to Mikhail B., Greg R. and the МИШКА brand for their continuous support and genuine partnership.

Check out this exclusive interview to learn more about МИШКА brand story from Greg R.  himself!!

Celebrate 45 years of Sesame Street with MISHKA!


МИШКА X Sesame Street = a timeless collaboration with sweetest childhood memories been stretched to the wildest nightmare! Take a trip down the memory lane and join the celebration of Sesame Street 45th Anniversary in style!

What happen when Big Bird is infected by MISHKA Fever?

Have you seen Cookie Monster gone MISHKA mad?


On the spookiest day of the year, Halloween 2015, the launch of this collection served as the best treat for fans around the world. LULA101 was proud to present this limited МИШКА X Sesame Street capsule collection across Asia-Pacific. Joined by its regional partner in Japan, the MISHKA fever can be sighted and documented through major cities such as: Tokyo, Taipei, Bangkok and Hong Kong. Utilizing social media hashtags: “#MISHKAXSESAMESTREET” and “#I❤MISHKA” fans around the world can join the spook and creep adventure.

Where Your Weird? Wear Your Weird!


The MISHKA brand is committed to the movement of thinking outside of the box and destroying the ‘norm’! This collection is everything but normal, the spooky twist associated with childhood innocence is only something that a brand engineered to destroy can do!

12135237_742726865860894_974501078_n 12139844_1697404550490574_2139980134_n 12142041_190093724664328_1522111871_n

Join Lula101 and MISHKA and lets reminisce the good old days!  MISHKA x Sesame Collection available in Tokyo, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Bangkok. If you have not get your own favorite item from this collection, all you need is to wait for another 45 years!

For more updates follow @mishkatokyo @mishka_taiwan @regaintw @regainhk @sinshoptahiland on Instagram!

Spooky Season is here: МИШКА FALL’15 by Jon Moritsugu & Amy Davis

МИШКА is a street wear icon and trend-setting pioneer, with its originality and its legion of Death Adders. ” born in Brooklyn, raised in Hell”  МИШКА is widely celebrated by its Asia Pacific fan base since 2004, and it has since grown into a lifestyle trend that has created its own culture with a presence in total of four continents.

МИШКА celebrates the strangeness of the world and bucks the exclusionary measures that have plagued anything labeled as “cool.” Anybody who has a passion for the unusual, divergent and strange will find a connection to МИШКА universe and its culture.

The Spooky Season is here and LULA101 is eager to present the latest  МИШКА FALL’15 Collection for its fans across the Pacific!  #taiwan   #hongkong   #philippines   #thailand   #malaysia    #indonesia

Are You Weird Enough? Come Celebrate With Us!   #EngineeredToDestroy !

01 Fall LB 15_0 03 Fall LB 15_0 04 Fall LB 15_0 05 Fall LB 15_0 06 Fall LB 15_0 07 Fall LB 15_0 08 Fall LB 15_0

09 Fall LB 15_0


Celebrate Weird! Come check out the video for МИШКА FALL’15 collection

The awesome video-look produced by Jon Moritsugu. 

You can find out more regional distribution information throughout Asia at LULA101

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The MISHKA Summer 2015 Lookbook By Pretty Puke

Mishka’s newly launched video for its summer 2015 lookbook features notorious artist Pretty Puke, who directed and photographed it, which incorporates his signature, punk-inspired gritty realism. This collection is not your average ho-hum summer clothing line, it is weird, but in the best way possible. For those of you unfamiliar with Pretty Puke’s work, it is outrageous, sexual, suggestive, provocative and whimsical. The goal for this project was to stand out and be iconic. The clothing line isn’t tied down to just one theme, but instead balances darkly artistic art with more absurd realism – a mash up of both aesthetics into a strange, yet exciting, presentation of streetwear.

To check out the video for Mishka’s summer 15 collection click here. (Rated R)

To shop the new collection click here.



MISHKA Spring 2015 – Generation Vex

There are no rules. Old standards and definitions of “normal” are worthless. There is no normal now. There is only us. And we are the generation that refuses to be labeled and defined. We are free from the shackles of binary thought. We are post-everything, and everything is up for grabs. Everything is of value and use, and everything is meant to be reimagined. We are everything we want to be. Generation Vex is a tribute to today’s unbridled youth. Generation Vex is a tribute to everyone who knows there is no normal. Generation Vex is Mishka’s celebration of today, where anything is possible. Mishka Spring 2015: Generation Vex. For anyone. For everyone.

MISHKA Spring 2015.


Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.19.46 AM

Closeout Warehouse Sale- everything must go!

LULA is moving to a new warehouse, so we must empty our entire warehouse inventory of HUF, PUBLISH, MISHKA, THRASHER, DICKIES and many more top street wear, lifestyle and action sports brands at clearance prices.

This Saturday is your opportunity to get incredible deals on the brands you love at unheard of prices. Many items for sale will be at or below our costs!

Get here early to get the best choices of styles, colors and sizes. Tell Your Friends and Family and Don’t Miss Out!

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.34.53 AM

1515 W. Alton Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92704
(Warehouse Sale entrance is located on the back side of the building behind our office.)



Spring is your season. Check out Mishka’s SP14 lookbook below to see how the pieces coordinate well together.

What’s new for spring? The collection focuses on lightweight acrylic beanies, heavy duty denim jacket, all over printed shirts, lightweight jackets, crewnecks and hoodies, and a variety of snapbacks to choose from.

Mishka SP14 Collection  is around the corner, are you ready?

13螢幕擷取畫面 (8)螢幕擷取畫面 (9)螢幕擷取畫面 (7)螢幕擷取畫面 (6)螢幕擷取畫面 (5)螢幕擷取畫面 (15)

 Click for more Mishka SP14 Collection





































Mishka Presents: The Creepy Touch Episode 1

Lurking from the streets of NYC comes the first episode of The Creepy Touch presented by Mishka. Hosted by a hobo-looking man who is said to live in a garbage can, Toilet Cobra AKA Nick Gazin interviews the mysterious masked rocker known as Nobunny. From music, to movies, to regular weirdos walking the city streets, The Creepy Touch is sure to get its hands on it first. Check out this clip filmed by The Vidiot and prepare to be TOUCHED!