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The powerful artist behind NEVER MADE

There is no doubt that NEVER MADE is not only a well-known street brand in America but also around the world. As one of street fashion leaders, NEVER MADE always surprises young people with its design, style, and ideas.

A simple reason for that is because there is a powerful artist behind the brand.


Los Angeles based artist Francisco Reyes, Jr., is better known as Cisco and by his alias, Never Made. For over a decade, Cisco has been elevating his passion for graphic design … and it shows. His experience as a musician in his late teens and early 20s influenced him on the value of hard work and staying true to yourself.


Under Never Made, Cisco parlays his vision through a wide range of items, including, some of which include: limited-edition screen prints, T-shirts and sculptures.


Aside from his work with Never Made, Cisco has worked directly for Obey Clothing and collaborated with Shepard Fairey. Not only that, he has freelanced for key brands like Rebel 8, Hurley, Primitive Skateboards, Epitaph, Hellcat Records, Urban Outfitters, FYF Festival and Day N Night Festival. On top of being a player in cultural events such as Agenda Festival, Complexcon and Into Action Art Festival.


While he continues to grow Never Made, both as an art brand and as an aesthetic, Cisco maintains the principle that things are “Never Made,” they are earned through hard work and persistence.

As an artist in the United States, Francisco Reyes Jr. will keep spreading his designs and thoughts by through his brand “NEVER MADE” from the U.S. to the world.


From us, to you … the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew

Never made





This cool brand from Los Angeles based designer Francisco “Cisco” Reyes.

Have you heard of Cisco? If not his name, you know his work.

Never Made Francisco Reyes


Yes, Cisco works  with Obey’s Shepard Fairey, and they have a collab this spring!!

And he’s done freelance design for cool brands like Rebel8, Hurley and Urban Outfitters.

Francisco designing


Cisco’s passion for art and culture translates to his singular illustrations.

His design is inspired by tattoo art, punk rock and even vintage advertising.


never made drawing



Check these out!!!!!

never made eyes


Never Made design



Dope, right?

He is expressing bunch of his messages through the coolest designs.


never made obey



Recently, he posted this on the Instagram.


Something coming……..

Hmmm, excited?

We have to keep our eyes on this brand,……and you should too!!!!



From us, to you…the Lula 101 Service, Styles & Smiles crew.